Fulcrum Releasing Limited Edition Racing Zero, Racing One Competition Road Wheels

Fulcram Racing Zero limited edition competition wheelset

Fulcrum Wheels will be offering only a couple hundred sets worldwide of their new, Racing Zero and Racing One “Competition” limited edition wheelsets.

The special versions drop weight but gain stiffness by adding their Mega Driveside hub flange. They also get new graphics to set them apart. The Racing Zero LE Competition gets upgraded to CULT ceramic bearings. Rear wheel weight goes from 825g to 800g (3% savings), front is unchanged. Torsional stiffness claims to go from 5.7kg/mm to 6.2kg/mm, an 8% increase, all due to the larger flange. Click through for a closeup and more…

A taller flange gives the wheels a bit better bracing angle.

Fulcram Racing Zero limited edition competition wheelset

The Racing Zero LE Competition will retail for £1,099.99 when they come available in April. No word on U.S. availability yet.

Fulcram Racing One limited edition competition wheelset

The Fulcrum Racing One Limited Edition Competition wheelset also gets the Mega Driveside Hub Flange but not the CULT bearings. Rear hub drops from 851g to 808g (5% savings) and it gains approximately the same torsional stiffness advantages. Expect it to run £799.99 when it hits, also in April.

Fulcram Racing One limited edition competition wheelset


uglyyeti - 03/22/12 - 6:19pm

£300 for a ceramic bearing upgrade? That’s about 500 bucks.

Sir Eddy - 03/22/12 - 9:16pm

Not just cult bearings. Note the carbon hub shells too. I agree though, the Raving 1’s are way better value. I love mine.

Tom - 03/22/12 - 9:34pm

No front wheel weights?

Brandon - 03/23/12 - 7:55am

Tom: “front is unchanged”. Specs haven’t changed vs. the standard models.

RickS - 03/23/12 - 5:16pm

I’ve got Racing 1’s on two bikes…frigging wheels are bomb proof.

kenny - 09/02/12 - 8:34pm

i was told that only 1000pcs available.

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