Video: The Bike Butterfly Is Here!

Say goodbye to all those awkward cyclist/pedestrian almost-collisions. Here’s something even more awkward, the Bike Butterfly! Brompton’s newest must-have cycling accessory is sold out. Sorry!

Thanks to Paul for the tip.


Xris - 03/21/12 - 9:36pm

I’ll take two.

Chipollini - 03/21/12 - 10:10pm

Wow! I really don’t need it but I want it just for fun… Poof! I’m a pretty butterfly!

Marc - 03/21/12 - 10:24pm

Posted 12 days early, don’t you think?

off-roadie - 03/22/12 - 8:18am

I’m with Xris, two please!

Ronin Six - 03/22/12 - 2:27pm

Yeah… I’m with Marc on this one.

john - 03/23/12 - 7:41am

its not real, looked CGI to me too. its a viral for brompton bikes

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