Fyxation Out With a Video and a Fixie Giveaway Contest to Supplement

Fyxation is on the scene with a new video, featuring frames from Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and State Bicycle Co. built up with Fyxation parts. Peter Diantoni of Cog Magazine contributed lighting and photography, Ben Cycles the studio space, and Dan Mueller provided himself, the model rider.

Also, Fyxation is giving away a fresh bike on their Facebook page. Anyone that ‘likes’ the page has a chance at winning. Contest ends this coming Wednesday, March 21st.


Chipollini - 03/15/12 - 10:02pm

Oh wow, I almost had a seizure… Also turn down your sound system before watching this vid.

Speedy - 03/15/12 - 10:14pm

I dig the music.

Scott - 03/16/12 - 12:13pm

Sweet! Now lawyers, architects, and graphic designers can customize their fixie with green bar tape and really contrast it from their buddies that has blue bartape. Man, it’s crazy I know, but what if one had drop bars and the other had pursuit bars!! IS YOUR MIND BLOWN?!?! CUZ MINE IZZZZZ!!!!!

Scott - 03/16/12 - 12:16pm

Sweet. Now architects, graphic designers, and trust-a-farians can customize their fixie with orange bar tape and really contrast it from their buddies that has blue bar tape. Now wait a minute, stick with me here…what if one bike had drop bars, and the other one had pursuit bars!!!! IS YOUR MIND BLOW?!?!? CUZ MINE IZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trinidad - 03/16/12 - 11:45pm

Fully agree with Scott, this only appeals to yuppies a decade late to the pbr, skinny jeans party. All the cool kids they’re trying to emulate have grown-up and either ride track bikes on the velodrome or have moved onto road bikes and IPAs. Ben’s cycles I will never buy from again since they double charged my bank card and refused to refund me for their mistake. Fyxation just makes cheap, cheesy parts.

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