Yeti Testing Carbon 303 DH Bike

Today Yeti released this picture of the new 303 DH carbon front triangle that will be punished this year by Jared Graves. Information is limited, but the new front triangle should drop 1-2 lbs from the 10.5 of the current aluminum version. The prototype frame features the same 8.25′ of travel and suspension platform as its aluminum twin.

This announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the quantity of carbon DH bikes currently in production or being prototyped.

More photos after the break…

Aluminum link and rear triangle

Jared Graves, UCI World 4x Champion, with his new world cup race rig.

This bike would be the perfect compliment to the Yeti edition carbon SIXC cranks leaked by Race Face last week.


Sam - 03/13/12 - 8:53pm

The bike is called the “303,” not the “3030.”

Saris - 03/13/12 - 9:15pm

Good eye

scShredder - 03/13/12 - 9:41pm

3030 is an excellent album tho…

MrBennettar - 03/14/12 - 10:28am

Was the first picture the only one of the frame by itself? Didn’t really need to see the dude with his hand in his pants.

Surely the travel is 8.25″…

Matt - 03/14/12 - 10:58am

The rail system gets the boot.

DiscoDave - 03/14/12 - 11:06am

Tough to see but the rail is still there.

Topmounter - 03/14/12 - 1:10pm

I read somewhere on the Internet that carbon fiber would shatter as soon as a rock hits it…?!?!

Zap? - 03/14/12 - 2:09pm


Yeah, I read somewhere on the internet that President Obama isn’t an American citizen, so it must be true right?

Here’s a good starting point for understanding just how strong carbon fiber is.

joe g - 03/14/12 - 2:21pm

that video shows how strong SANTA CRUZ carbon frame are
what wasn’t shown wasn’t shown…
all are not created equal

Zap? - 03/14/12 - 4:43pm

@joe g

That’s right. Which is also why I’ve seen broken steel frames, aluminum frames etc.

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