Spy Shot! New 29er Mountain Bike Wheels from Mavic?

2013 Mavic 29er mountain bike wheel for lefty forks spotted under Jeremiah Bishop at Mellow Johnnys Classic

2013 Mavic 29er mountain bike wheel for lefty forks spotted under Jeremiah Bishop at Mellow Johnnys Classic. Photo: C. Denise Shaw

Spotted at the Mellow Johnny’s Classic this past weekend under Cannondale Factory Racing rider Jeremiah Bishop were perhaps some new 29er wheels from Mavic.

The French brand has clued us in that a new range of 29er mountain bike wheels will launch in April, but this might be the first glimpse of them…or some late stage prototypes. The obvious differences from their current C29ssmax wheelset is the red hub and its use on a Lefty fork. Currently, Mavic only offers two 26″ models with Lefty front hubs, and none of their 2012 MTB range uses their red anodized hubs. More as we get it.

Thanks to CJ for the tip and to Denise for the pic!


christophe crombez - 03/09/12 - 4:18pm

Closer pictures on the following link

Steve - 03/09/12 - 4:46pm

Narrow, aluminum rimmed Mavic wheels on the way…yawn.

MMyers - 03/09/12 - 5:38pm

Red hubs!

That sounds both awesome and really fast!

Paul - 03/09/12 - 5:56pm

Let’s hope the rim doesn’t fold and collapse like my mates crossmax slr’s.
Did they say if they are planning their standard warranty dodge on these wheels as well?

Luv2mtb - 03/10/12 - 12:20am

I’ll pass on anything mavic on the rear unless the hubs gone through a upgrade overhaul. i9’s +++++

vince - 03/10/12 - 4:41am

I can tell you that some protos (like regular SLR but in 29) are running in annecy but I haven’t seen this before: nice spying guys!
cheers, vince

Pieterp - 03/10/12 - 2:15pm

In other mellow johnny news Geoff Kabush appeared to be running electric XTR.
At least you could see a shimano battery pack under his downtuve bottle cage.

Gyro2 - 05/17/12 - 7:30am

Nice spy shots. Dont worry about the attempts at commentary on Mavic quality by the toddlers, lol.

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