2013 Bikes Spotted? Trek Madone & Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29er

2013 Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works 29er mountain bike prototype spy shot

Spotted trailside under none other than Ned Overend was this gloss black carbon Specialized Stumpjumper 29er with color-matched SID 29er fork with BRAIN internals. Virtually everyone in our group remarked at the very handsome blue and orange color scheme, which Overend sort of acknowledged and then sort of trailed off before actually answering if it was new. He did say they’re working on a white graphics package for the wheels, which would definitely look better than the current red/white stickers on the Roval wheels on this frame. What we do know is that this colorway isn’t part of their current lineup, though there are similar design themes on some 2012 29ers.

Other than that, the frame isn’t too different looking, so we might be looking at just an iterative spec update rather than a full blown new model, or there could be some trick new layups hiding under there…time will tell.

2013 Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works 29er mountain bike prototype spy shot

2013 Trek Madone road bike spy shot

Photo: SuiPedali.it

Fabian Cancellara appears to have been riding a new Madone at the Strade Bianchi 2012 race. Note the curvier fork and larger headtube area. The seatstays appear to be a bit thinner, too, and some other readers have said the top tube looks a bit curved. We know there are some new things coming from Trek’s road bike department this year, and a revised Madone looks to be part of the mix. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


Hungry4Shht - 03/07/12 - 12:34pm

It’s a paint sample that didn’t make the cut. Chill. They don’t paint prototypes, too time consuming. True paint schemes and new models won’t make it to US soil until you see them in shops. All marketing photos for the big companies takes place in the factory overseas. Learn the industry a bit.

Derek - 03/07/12 - 12:42pm

How is the 10speed Gripshift working out for you?

Mr. P - 03/07/12 - 12:54pm

@Hungry4Shht: I saw the new generation of Enduro… in March 2010… in what looks to be the same riding area… before it was launched to the public.

+ these are not company marketing photos.

Perhaps u should learn a bit more before spouting off.


call420 - 03/07/12 - 12:56pm

don’t they have trails in colorado they can park sram vehicles at?

Daan - 03/07/12 - 1:00pm

We got two of these frames in the shop…. In Holland there was a special amount on these frames.

No 2013 …. just a special paint

St. Lucifer - 03/07/12 - 1:01pm

Didn’t they get the memo regarding road bikes needing to have disc brakes for 2013?

ChadQuest - 03/07/12 - 1:28pm

There are different paint samples for each country, probably what this is. When i used to work at a Spec shop we got a few odd colors in that were designed for the market in europe.

I like what i’m seeing for the Mad One.

Vodalous - 03/07/12 - 1:28pm

What are they doing in Henry Cowell? Not poaching the trails that shall not be named again?

Justin - 03/07/12 - 1:57pm

Thinner seat stays? I hope not

satisFACTORYrider - 03/07/12 - 3:31pm

tyler- do you know if spesh has a new clevis mount design (that hopefully retrofits) for Enduros and/or Stumpys that would finally allow traditional eye mounts for other shocks?

Hungry4Shht - 03/07/12 - 3:36pm

Perhaps, I am a former employee and might know a little more than you think. 😉

Specialist - 03/07/12 - 4:22pm

But will 2013 be the year bar ends return?

Spencer - 03/07/12 - 6:48pm

Specialized know less than they think. Perhaps that extends to their employees.

Al Boneta - 03/07/12 - 10:12pm

Everything Hungry4Shht said was accurate. I was bike developer for Specialized (google my name if you don’t believe me) and for every couple of colorways we use for production, there are a dozen or more that never end up being used. We order these paint sample frames in sample size medium and evaluate how these colorways will look on the finished product.
Since most won’t be used they are often sold to employees or traded to other teams. Like trading a mountain frame for a road frame from the road team.

I am pretty sure Ned’s frame in that picture is just a 2012 with a custom paint job or paint sample, since they have just redesigned the Stumpy hardtail for 2012. Carbon molds are in the 6 figures for one size, so they like to use them for a couple years before they redesign a frame. There is a custom paint booth at Specialized and some team members have custom colorways that they like to use.

Cam - 03/07/12 - 10:26pm

There is also something going on at the toptube/seattube junction in the trek, I have been lead to believe its and elastomer insert type thing. You can see the outline in some of the pictures of it floating around.

L - 03/08/12 - 1:43am

I’ve seen a few of those paint schemed bikes from Specialized (I ride those trails in the pics) and they’re even uglier in person.

isaac schmidt - 03/08/12 - 2:15am

Looks like a TLD stumpy HT, would be cool to have the TLD demo and this…

Jake - 03/08/12 - 2:32pm

Gotta keep in mind that this is Overend. He did have a carbon Epic 29er in a custom color before they first rolled out into the market. I do like this color scheme though…

John - 03/08/12 - 4:45pm

The Gloves that Ned is wearing look Sweet!!

Benjamin - 07/09/12 - 3:38pm

This color has been for sale in Holland as a limited serie from january till june 2012. It was also available on the Epic S-Works 29-er. So don’t think it will be a 2013 color, it has been on the Dutch website of Specialized as well, but is now removed as it not for sale anymore. My dealer still got a Epic and a Stumpjumper in the shop (Stappenbelt Specialized Concept Store, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands) for those who are interested. During the Trans Germany I also spotted a Stumpjumper with Yellow and Green instead of the orange and bleu on this one. There are some limited colors for sale in different markets.

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