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bikerumor mystery pic from first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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fd - 03/05/12 - 7:12am

It’s a front hub:)

Simone - 03/05/12 - 7:25am

Vintage Hershey front hub…..

Mr Tiles - 03/05/12 - 7:33am

purple front hub.

kieron - 03/05/12 - 7:43am

some kind limited edition hope hub from about 15 yrs ago?

dgaddis - 03/05/12 - 7:43am

It’s a front hub from the 90’s. That’s all I got.

Fixie Dave - 03/05/12 - 7:49am


neuway - 03/05/12 - 7:52am


Rich - 03/05/12 - 7:57am

Hershey Racing X ray hub.

Wally - 03/05/12 - 7:58am

Hershey “Naked” hub.

Mike - 03/05/12 - 8:00am

Old Hope Ti Glide front hub?

Gerald - 03/05/12 - 8:14am

Hershey Naked Hub

erik - 03/05/12 - 8:31am

Bullseye hub, I remember wanting to get all sorts of combinations of colors

erik - 03/05/12 - 8:38am

Dangit… should have known better, Gerald was right.

RobO - 03/05/12 - 8:41am

That is a “Real” front hub. I currently have one on my 26″ single speed beater. If you rotate the axl it would show the label. Another cool feature is that the axl is threaded internally at the ends so it “bolts on” to the fork so that it doesn’t easily get stolen without a tool. Not to stiff to say the least but free to me and works just fine for a super fun beater bike.

RobO - 03/05/12 - 8:45am

By the way mine is black not the cool vintage purple ano that this one is. I’m sure First Flight has the Paul rear der and brakes to match.

Robert - 03/05/12 - 9:40am

Agree with RobO, a Real hub. A friend has one on a Bontrager frame with Onza canti brakes. Good stuff.

Mike Durner - 03/05/12 - 9:56am

That is a Real Designs front hub in Ano Purple.

Justin - 03/05/12 - 10:40am

That looks dangerous

swagen - 03/05/12 - 11:43am

Definitely a Hershey. I would like to see a picture of the Real hub that RobO has. I have never seen a Real hub that looks anything like a Hershey hub.

Ross - 03/05/12 - 11:46am

Clark Kent hub?

Jesse J - 03/05/12 - 12:20pm

Hershey Naked hub. Got a black one on my desk right now too.

Jeroen - 03/05/12 - 1:20pm

Hersey indeed. This one was easy 😉

Greg - 03/05/12 - 2:07pm

TNT hub early to Mid 90s.

Vintage mtb rider - 03/05/12 - 3:10pm

lol, a Real hub? Everyone can see it is the super rare Grafton front disc hub proto that got stolen at bike show in 1992.

chadquest - 03/05/12 - 3:51pm

Worlds smallest fishtank.

km - 03/05/12 - 6:27pm

Real hub!!

Old roadie - 03/05/12 - 6:31pm

Its a Hershey “Lexan” and anodized aluminum front hub.
Designed by Greg G. in Redlands Ca..

Old Roadie - 03/05/12 - 6:34pm

It’s a Hershey Naked hub. Designed by Greg G. in Redlands, CA

Slush - 03/05/12 - 8:45pm

Front Hershey Naked hub

joby - 03/05/12 - 9:08pm

Everyone who guessed Hershey got it right. At Real Design, we made a few of these, but never any in 3DV purple (that color craze had passed by the time we started making hubs and I refused to do more…)

The end caps are the give away, our Real hubs didn’t have any gap between the shoulder and the bearing race.

joby - 03/05/12 - 9:13pm

…after some thought, I recall that we did a few axles for some of these as a ‘joint venture’ with Greg, though not many. So to RobO, you might have one of the few prototypes or small run we did of the Real laser etching on these. But we never did 3DV purple….though there may be a few gold ones out there!

Nik - 03/05/12 - 11:06pm

Hershey Racing Hub….I had one back years ago….

Kristibee - 03/06/12 - 12:20pm

The answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: “a Front Hub made by Hershey Racing. The middle hub shell is a clear plastic tube and the axle has the Hershey logo on it (on the other side so it wasn’t obvious!). Pretty sure they marketed it as the “Naked” hub.”

MARK - 03/06/12 - 12:57pm

its a Hershey “Naked hub”, b*****s

Frank - 03/06/12 - 7:56pm

Dude, that used to be MY hub, sold it to First Flight a couple years ago!

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