Spy Shot! 2013 Easton EC70 SL Road Handlebar

spy shot 2013 Easton EC70 SL carbon fiber road bike handlebar

Mostly hidden by bar tape, this not-in-the-catalog EC70 SL carbon road bike handlebar appears to be a new addition to Easton’s lineup.

Currently, they offer the 240g EC70 Aero as the only carbon option in the 70 series, trumped by the 199g EC90 SLX top of the line bar. We’re guessing this’ll slot in somewhere between the two in weight. More importantly, it should offer a more budget friendly carbon handlebar option for those seeking a traditional shape. Unlike their heavily bent, molded and shaped Aero bar, this one has a very straight, round tube for the top with a bit of ergo shaping in the drops.

spy shot 2013 Easton EC70 SL carbon fiber road bike handlebar

Minimal shaping give it a somewhat flat section at the back of the drops. It has a very short reach to the hoods.

George Hincapies wrecked Easton carbon wheels that stayed true through the stage finish

Just for fun, here’s the Easton carbon road wheels that George Hincapie was able to finish the stage on despite the gaping hole they suffered during a wreck.


Mark Adam - 03/04/12 - 3:12pm

That is a compact shape, not classic. Classic drops are similar to a Ritchey WCS Classic or Deda Newton Shallow or 3T Rotunda, etc.

mkrs - 03/04/12 - 3:54pm

Don’t take it personally, but what’s so “spy” about a photo clearly taken during a bike show?

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