Rolling Keg Party: My Dutch Bike’s 90 Mile Ride To NAHBS

My Dutch Bike Cargo Bike Full Bike

John Boisclair, service technician for My Dutch Bikes, recently spent 300 hours of his life building one helluva cargo bike.  This is his first undertaking as a frame builder, and personally I dig the final product.   The bike was finished (well about 95% at least) Thursday night.  Then, it was loaded with two empty kegs, and all the gear needed for the weekend (a 75lbs load) and ridden about 90 miles from Oakland to Sacramento.

More images and details past the break.

My Dutch Bike Cargo Bike Cargo Tray

I’ll take two please.  Also, the bag over the cargo area is made custom for this bike by Chrome.

My Dutch Bike Cargo Bike Cargo Support

This triangle support isn’t necessary for all loads, but if you are carrying 200lbs or more, it should be used.  At the bottom it slides on over the outer rails of the cargo tray, then locks in place at the top with a cotter pin.

My Dutch Bike Cargo Bike Top

My Dutch Bike Cargo Bike Top Steering




gaby de wilde - 04/21/13 - 6:48am

dat is wel de aller mooiste

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