Project 24.2 Review: Ergon’s GA1 Leichtbau grip and HA2 glove

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! With my half of 24 hours worth of racing- to say nothing of hundreds of hours of training- on the table, I was excited when Ergon’s Jeff Kerkove suggested that we give the company’s technically-oriented GA1 Leichtbau ergonomic grips and matching HA2 gloves a try.  With Jeff […]

Project 24.2 Review: Road ID’s tenacious Firefly Supernova safety light

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! Along with the Elite wrist band reviewed last month, the good people at Road ID sent out their new Supernova safety light to help us safely through a winter of training for 24-hour racing.  Claimed to be “the brightest, lightest, most durable security light in its class,” […]

Project 24.2 Review: Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt seatpost

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! In order to meet the seatpost ideal of solidity, adjustability, and light weight, Ritchey have rethought their long-standing 1- and 2-bolt clamp designs. As others have learned (often the hard way), highly leveraged brittle hardened steel or titanium bolts are not always up to handling the forces […]

Project 24.2: The finishing touches

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! By the time that this post goes live, we’ll be well on our way to Tucson to compete in the Kona 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.  Under the guidance of Tom Jones from JBV Coaching, our training has gone well- the intensity-focused workouts had me feeling […]

Project 24.2 Review: Looking Tremendous and Staying Warm in Louis Garneau’s Enduro Bib Knikers 2

See all of our Project 24.2 reviews here! What is better than putting on your stretchy pants on a crisp winter morning knowing you are going to be looking good (i.e. like an awkward and weird cyclist) as you take your warm up spin through the local college campus to check out the sights? Not […]

Project 24.2 Initial Review: Swiftwick Pursiuit merino socks and Performance Sleeves

As we enter the standard January drought conditions here in the Southwest, it is finally time to get out on the trails again. We have to enjoy the brisk temperatures and warm sun as we prepare our legs for next month’s 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.  This has allowed us to spend a little […]

Project 24.2 initial review: JBV Coaching by Tom Jones

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! After a number of years essentially ‘winging it’ when it came to training for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, it hadn’t really occurred to me to engage a coach.  Much like bike fit, if -like me- you’ve been riding and even racing for over 20 years, […]

Project 24.2 Initial Review: Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C260 stem

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! For the most part, it’s hard to get too excited about stems.  If they do their job well (and most do), they’re essentially unnoticeable.  Of course, if they don’t they’re ugly, flexy, or (if they do their job especially poorly) fail catastrophically.  That said, when we posted […]

Project 24 Initial Review: Specialized’s crazy stiff S-Works EVO MTB shoe

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! Specialized‘s EVO designation is attached to products that are targeted at riders who don’t readily fit into one category or another. Intended to be pro-quality gear for those whose focus isn’t necessarily racing, EVO bikes and accessories are designed to be both burly and efficient. For riders […]