Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Be A Hero

bikerumor pic of the day: go pro be a hero

Photo submitted by Martijn Vermonden, “A sight u dont want to see to often. I was riding with some friends and had to wait for them so I stopped doing a stoppy but I failed hard. I could also send it without the GoPro advertisement but I find it Ironic :)”

Oh, the things we wouldn’t see if it weren’t for the GoPro…like the video after the break, which has nothing to do with bikes. Enjoy! To see more Pics of the Day, click here, and to submit your own photo to be shown to the world, go here.


Jacob - 02/29/12 - 8:13am

that video is hilarious and completely ridiculous

bike skeptic - 02/29/12 - 9:08am

Does he look a little bit like Gollum to anyone?

Jake - 02/29/12 - 10:04am

Look for this guy on “The World’s Dumbest” on tru TV in a couple of weeks.

h2ofuel - 02/29/12 - 12:34pm

He should get up with Vikingfjord and see if they would make this into a tv commercial… “No other vodka will get you this drunk”.

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