New BMC “Spring Classics Project” Road Bike, Lightweight 29er Coming

BMC Racing Spring Classics Project road bike with Team Machine SLR01

BMC Racing is set to release two new bikes in April, a “Spring Classics Project” road bike and a top level, lightweight carbon fiber 29er full suspension hardtail mountain bike.

The SCP is likely (as in we aren’t getting a hard confirmation but in other words yes) what we’re seeing here in black, captured just in front of a custom painted Team Machine SLR01. The key visual differences are a thicker head- and downtube and perhaps thinner stays. Given the timing of this bike’s race debut at the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and other early season Belgian classics, the intent of the bike is clear: performance with comfort. The headtube looks taller on the new model, which is a common trend among manufacturers when designing bikes for longer distances and/or rougher pavement, but it’s also quite obvious the rider is taller. That said, there’s a noticeably sloping top tube compared to the flat one on the background bike.

BMC Racing Spring Classics Project prototype road bike with Team Machine SLR01

Philippe Gilbert was riding a custom painted matte black with Belgium flag themed Team Machine SLR01.

BMC Racing Spring Classics Project prototype road bike with Team Machine SLR01

Following the smaller classics, Thor Hushovd logged about 200km on the prototype frame in preparation for the Paris-Roubaix. We dahnce now:

He’s also rockin’ Easton wheels and Continental tires and supposedly aboard the rumored Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace group. Back to the classics:

Around the same time they’ll officially unveil this new road bike, BMC is scheduled to show off a new 29er full suspension hardtail race bike. We saw their new 29er hardtails at Eurobike and some new trail bikes at Sea Otter last year. Now, they’re bringing out the Team Elite TE01 29. If you follow their model branding nomenclature, that’ll put it at the top of the list for big wheels.


Mike - 02/28/12 - 3:37pm

A BMC with a sloping top tube- I like it.

fanboy - 02/28/12 - 4:19pm

and if all this new product follows the history of previous BMC product the warranty rate will be around 80%.

Mark W. - 02/28/12 - 5:21pm

so does any one know what happened to the impec?
they said that was going to be their new thing for many future bikes and i have seen no tube to tube carbon lugged bikes from them since that one, did they give up on it or no?
I one of their best looking bike

scissorhands - 02/28/12 - 9:51pm

Good comment fanboy…I have seen TOO MANY broken/failed BMCs myself

CW - 02/28/12 - 11:33pm

The Team Elite designation is for hardtails. A lightweight FS race oriented 29er would probably be called the FS01 29. FS for four stroke, and 01 the designation they give their top model in each category. Their product family follows a confusing pattern, with 01 usually reserved for carbon frames but not for every model. Also, on the te29 and sf29 for example, there are two spec choices but they aren’t seperated by model names.

john - 02/29/12 - 12:54am

anyone know what kind of bar is Phillippe running? i’m a sucker for classic drops

isaacross - 02/29/12 - 11:53am

Gilbert is using an old stock easton TKO bar track bar.

ben - 02/29/12 - 12:10pm

is it just me, or does the downtube on the prototype look slightly aero?

h2ofuel - 02/29/12 - 12:58pm

If you want a bar with a bend like that but not a track bar, just look for a “traditional” bend bar. Deda, Ritchey, Zipp, 3T, etc. make them.

john - 02/29/12 - 2:21pm

i had a feeling Phillippe was running some sort of track bar, personally I’m a big fan of the CInelli Criterium bar, but even though they have re-issued the iconic drop, it only comes with 26.0 clamping, not 31.8 which is kind of a big let down.

Tyler (Editor) - 02/29/12 - 6:21pm

CW, you’re correct. We had heard a couple things, but confirmed with BMC that it’ll be a hardtail. Good catch!

Mithcell - 03/02/12 - 11:12am

there’s a more clear picture of the classics bike on BMC’s twitter from sometime in the last week or so

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