Santa Cruz Superlight 29er and Highball Alloy 29er – Actual Weights & Geometry Charts

Santa Cruz Superlight 29er full suspension mountain bike actual weight size small

Once the tech bits for Santa Cruz’s new Superlight 29er and Highball alloy 29er were posted, we threw a size run of each bike on the scale. The Superlights were mainly built up with their D/XC spec, which includes a Shimano Deore crankset, shifters and front mech and the SLX rear derailleur. It rolls on WTB’s new Frequency rims mated to Shimano hubs. Brakes are Avid Elixir 1 with 160mm rotors, and fork is Rockshox Reba. Rear shock on all models is from Fox. This is their lowest end stock build option and usually comes with a full Easton alloy cockpit, but these bikes had Truvativ stem and bar.

The other key difference, which is likely adding about a pound to the total weights shown here are the Maxxis Ardent tires. They’re run tubeless, but they’re some heavy all-mountain treads. The D/XC kit comes stock with Maxxis Crossmark wire bead tires and lightweight tube, but the rims are pre-taped with Stan’s NoTubes rim tape and include the tubeless valve cores. In other words, it’ll come in a bit lighter than what you see here and you can very easily drop another 1/4 to 1/2 pound by throwing some lightweight tubeless XC tires on there.

Click through for weights for each size and geometry charts. The Small Superlight 29 came in at 27lbs 3oz. All weights are without pedals…

Santa Cruz Superlight 29er full suspension mountain bike actual weight size medium

The Mediume came in at 27lbs 1oz, and here’s why it’s lighter: It’s got higher end Thomson stem and Easton Haven carbon handlebar. Otherwise spec is the same.

Santa Cruz Superlight 29er full suspension mountain bike actual weight size large

Large is 27lbs 5oz. Notice the different size swing arms between the small/medium and the large/XL sizes.

Santa Cruz Superlight 29er full suspension mountain bike actual weight size XL

XL came in at 27lbs 11oz. Honestly, there’s no reason why these bikes can’t be built down to 24.5lbs without breaking the bank. Santa Cruz made no mention of it, but man wouldn’t it be something to see this in a carbon frame? That would conflict with the idea of the Superlight as their budget full susser, but still.

Santa Cruz Superlight 29er full suspension mountain bike geometry chart


Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike actual weight size small

The size small Highball-alloy hardtail 29er came in at 24lbs 3oz. These were built up with their SPX/XC build kit, which includes a full XT drivetrain and Icetech brakes, Thomson Elite seat post, Easton alloy stem and carbon handlebar and a lighter WTB Silverado Team saddle. The spec list says they get Mavic rims laced to DT Swiss hubs, but these were rockin’ Frequency rims and unspecified hubs and the same heavy duty Ardent tires. This small version had the brakes off it, which is why they’re hanging from the saddle during weigh in, so it might have been an ounce or so heavier with adapter and mounting hardware.

Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike actual weight size Medium

Medium is 24lbs 10oz but had a heavier stem. Parts were being swapped around frequently to get the riders fit properly.

Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike actual weight size large

The large is 24lbs 8oz.

Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike actual weight size XL

XL was 24lbs 10oz. To see how these stack up, you can check the Highball Carbon weigh-in from last year.

Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike actual weight size frame only

The frame here is either Medium or Large, they weren’t marked and quite honestly look very similar. It’s weighed with seat collar and the singlespeed swinger dropouts, so a standard geared setup with the stock dropouts would be a bit lighter. Weight is 3lbs 14oz.

Santa Cruz Highball alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike geometry chart


Chris - 02/24/12 - 12:04pm

Your digital scale needs to be vertical to get an accurate weight. I have the same scale. The inside chain should not be touching the outer tube.

Ernst - 02/24/12 - 1:19pm

I just love the alu Highball in blue… would even consider trading my carbon Blur… :S

Strawberry Sram - 02/24/12 - 1:26pm

Re SHOOT with the scale being used properly


notapro - 02/24/12 - 2:33pm

it’s cool, tyler. no need to re-weigh ’em for me. it won’t make one bit of difference to skill or fitness.

Evan - 02/24/12 - 2:46pm

Too bad they increased the BB height on the Superlight 29. The low BB on the 26″ Superlight was one of the reasons it has stood the test of time!

Wil - 02/24/12 - 3:51pm

I have the same scale as well and have always clamped the head unit itself. With the grippers it hangs on pretty well without much compression from the stand. Hanging the scale vertically will have given a different weight as other have said.

Kovas - 02/24/12 - 4:04pm

I second the motion for a carbon Superlight 29er. I’d bite.

Would it then be called the SuperDuperlight 29?

Adam - 02/24/12 - 4:10pm

I scanned the Carbon Highball article and it doesn’t mention which built kit is used, only that it’s not that Chi-chi.
Looking at the photos, I think I spy a SRAM rear der in the Carbon article. But it would be helpful for an actual comparison.


Tyler (Editor) - 02/24/12 - 7:50pm

All, their work stand was stuck in that position. Trust me, we tried to straighten it and yes I know the scale is supposed to hang straight. FWIW, it “felt” like the weights were about right compared to what the scale read, and I weigh a lot of stuff.

Adam, the build kits in the carbon post would have been last year’s spec anyway. Santa Cruz puts the latest parts on their bikes as soon as they’re available since they build up all of the bikes in house. That’s as opposed to most major brands that have to ship all of the parts to China or wherever they’re assembled, then have them freighted back over. This usually means you can get new parts as a complete bike build a few months earlier on Santa Cruz, although their bike builder online may not always have the correct images. We had quite a long discussion with them about the issues with when things are announced, released and actually available and the headaches is causes their web guys every year when they update the site.

fuzzy - 02/24/12 - 9:03pm

Like you bozo’s would be able to tell the 1/10th of a pound of difference that would *really* make. One good coat of mud would take care of that for you on trail.

Mengul - 02/24/12 - 11:31pm

I agree; if the scale is worth a darn it would only be a tiny amount that you would not notice. That being said you are entitled to your comments. I love Santa Cruz does and can’t wait to get out for a spin on these new rides!

gasnit - 02/25/12 - 7:25am

…elevated chain-stays, the best that 1990 has to offer :-)

Brett - 02/27/12 - 9:09am

The bikes are lovely. The weights feeling about right because you weigh a lot of stuff? Come on, man.

ParisLeBon - 09/16/15 - 10:05pm

All the weights are way off. XL superlight is 31.5 pounds.

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