[Stuff] Mountain Bikers Say redux

We’re not sure if it’s an homage to the original “[Stuff] Girls Say” or to NSMB’s “[Stuff] Mountain Bikers Say,” but a trio of Burqueños led by photographer Kip “The Maloney Pony” Malone bring us their take.

I can say from personal experience that not only does Charlie carry that much crap, Rich has an alarmingly accurate nose for flatulence.  With that, enjoy!


Adam - 02/22/12 - 10:09pm

That one’s pretty good.

Gillis - 02/22/12 - 10:28pm

“I have a 29’er, I don’t know why I didn’t clean that?”
best line ever.

Sevo - 02/23/12 - 12:27am

man this is poorly done. wonder if whoever created this even rides?

WannaBeSTi - 02/23/12 - 8:48am

“Then we’re going to slide down Rusty Trombone” is the best line…

Phlatalbert - 02/23/12 - 9:31am

That sucked, bro. No, seriously it did.

satisFACTORYrider - 02/23/12 - 9:41am

The girls were on much nicer rides. Redux fail. More like reflux.

Joe T - 02/23/12 - 12:43pm

lame knock off

Frank - 02/23/12 - 1:23pm

This ones definitely better than that one with the BC riders, I have actually said a whole lot of those things.

Greg - 02/23/12 - 2:14pm

Several sexual innuendos, sounds like shit mtbers say for sure!

notapro - 02/23/12 - 3:11pm

@frank- not if you ride in bc. agree to disagree.

Justin - 02/23/12 - 10:25pm

I was pretty amused, just as with the other shit _ bikers say videos.

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