Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Bell Sports has designated separate brand presidents for Bell/Blackburn and Giro. While still part of the same company, splitting the brands internally was done to let each group focus on what they do best. Bell will focus on motorsports, although they’re saying some innovations will come in their bicycle helmets, too, and Giro will expand their offerings across more adventure sports.
  • The 2012 Philly Bike Expo already has 20 exhibitors signed up, including builders, component manufacturers and other clothing, gear and miscellany that makes the cycling experience complete. Looks like the event continues to grow, great job Bina!


h2ofuel - 02/17/12 - 5:28pm

So no more Bell cycling helmets? The Volt was just starting to grow on me…

Robin - 02/18/12 - 1:36am

The note specifically says that “some innovations will come in their bicycle helmets….” That means that Bell’s bicycle helmets won’t be disappearing from the market.

h2ofuel - 02/18/12 - 12:28pm

The way I read it was that they would bring some knowledge that they had from their cycling helmets over to their motorsport helmets, probably read “in their” as “from their”.

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