Fyxation’s New Accela Tire – Less Treads, More Speed

Fyxation Accela Tires 700c Street Guard

Fyxation has a a few tires stocked already, the multi-colored Session 700c and the fixed-freestylish Session 700c. The Session 700c was made popular for it’s urban durability, not necessarily for speed. Now the Accela is stocked and available, designed for those that want to go fast. This tire serve a dual purpose – the treads are minimal for long rides on the open road, while the puncture resistant layer keeps party-boy trash out of your tubes in the city. The puncture resistant Street Guard is “a hard rubber matrix that helps keep road debris at bay”. It is located under the treads. Fyxation claims that the treads are made with hardened material, for a prolonged lifetime.

Accela comes in a couple sizes: 23c (260g) and 28c (305g) with 60 threads per inch. The foldable bead costs $36.95 while the wire bead runs $25.95. Colors offered are black or white. More pictures after the break…

Fyxation Accela Tires 700c Street Guard White Fyxation Accela Tires 700c Street Guard Black



Grammar Nazi - 02/16/12 - 4:31pm

FEWER not Less.


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