Chad Kagy Wins Teva Mountain Bike Games

Chad Kagy, an extremely talented BMX park rider, won Best Bike Trick at his first outing at a mountain bike competition during the Winter Teva Mountain Games. The 13 time x-games medalist earned the top spot on the podium, and pocket $5,000, after landing a back flip tail whip in the snow off a 70 foot jump. Prior to the competition he had ridden a mountain bike less than a dozen times. Cam McCaul, a famous freerider in his own right, lured Kagy into the competition by offering him a mountain bike if he participated in the contest.

Results after the break

1. Chad Kagy, Flip Whip

2. Mike Montgomery, Front Flip

3. Sam Pilgrim, Flip Table to 1 Foot X Up

4. Cam Zink, Flip Nac Nac

5. Kurt Sorge, Flip Tuck No Hander





dgaddis - 02/14/12 - 7:01am

If the BMXers start showing at MTB events the podiums will start to look a lot different.

chadquest - 02/14/12 - 9:02am

Remember when Darren Berrecloth was a nobody BMX semi-pro, and then he jumped on a MTB and was instantly huge?

satisFACTORYrider - 02/14/12 - 12:42pm

garret reynolds or an xgames era mirra would be pretty cool @ today’s crankworxs

Xris - 02/14/12 - 12:59pm

Goes to show how much of a beast Kagy really is. Broken neck some years ago, one of the last Vert riders left still going huge, and can hop on anything and clean up house!

YourMomGoesToCollege - 02/14/12 - 2:08pm

YEA KAGY!! Kill it buddy! I think the slope style mtb should be introduced to the x-games…

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