Leicester Cycle Co.’s Peregrine Back In Production After 100 Years

Peregrine Bicycle Leicester Cycle Co Resurrected by Cyclemagic

Most of us haven’t heard of Leicester Cycle Company.  This is because they went out of business about a century ago.  The Peregrine bike (pictured above) was one of their most popular models.  Leicester Cycle Co. sold the Peregrine across the UK and mainland Europe, producing over 500 bikes each week.

Cyclemagic, a non-profit organization that caters to special needs cyclists, discovered that they were occupying Leicester Cycle Co.’s original space in Leicester, UK.  Now, in the spirit of history, they are resurrecting the Peregrine.  No release date is listed, but they promise to provide one soon.  Cyclemagic already produces a line of Penny-Farthings, but this bike requires a revamp of their facilities to meet increased demand.  For more information, stay tuned to Cyclemagic’s website.

Click more for a stunning video of a tweed ride in DC…

Let’s celebrate the heritage with this great production.  Video by Tim Sessler.


Kovas - 02/10/12 - 11:22am

Check out that sweet-action plunger style brake on that Peregrine!
… Suck on that all y’all hydraulic road bike brake weenies! Retro rules.

Bene - 02/10/12 - 7:54pm

Hang on a tic, was that left-hand drive at 0:43?!

80 - 02/11/12 - 11:11am

if they build what i see in that drawing – a 96er with left hand drive – i’ll semi-race that.

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