New Niner RDO Carbon Flat Bar, Plus Teaser Stems & New Green AIR9 Frame!

Niner AIR9 RDO kermit green carbon fiber 29er hardtail mountain bike color option

The devil’s in the details, they say, and tucked into this image are two new items – A bright green AIR9 RDO frame and a Niner branded stem!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, this image came alongside a press release about their new RDO Flat Top carbon fiber handlebars. The RDO lineup, which stands for Race Day Optimized, is their lightweight set of frames and components. The new bar keeps the offset diameter of their original flat top bar to perch the rider a 5 millimeters higher (or lower) than a standard flat bar. Where it gets all RDO on us is with a 30g weight savings and some fresh color matched graphics. Width is 710mm with cut marks at 690, 670 and 650, and it’s bar end compatible. Claimed weight is 156g at full, uncut width and it’ll be available in red/white, orange, grey and the green shown here. Click through to see the others.

Now, about those unclaimed items. The file name was marked AIR9 RDO and it’s green. That could just mean there’s a green AIR9 in store and the RDO refers to the handlebar, or it could mean there’s an RDO version of the already impressive AIR9 carbon hardtail coming! Oh, and that Niner branded stem? They aren’t currently showing it on their website, so that’s something we’ll be keeping an eye out for, too.

Niner RDO carbon fiber flat top handlebar


Tom - 02/09/12 - 1:39pm

Is there any sweep on these?

dimples - 02/09/12 - 2:29pm

Tom, 9º of sweep on these

The Dude - 02/09/12 - 2:51pm

The stems often come with the Niner build kits, so they’re not exactly new; per say. Give ’em a call and if you’re nice, they might shake one loose for you.

John - 02/10/12 - 9:28am

I wonder if it will have an un-stiff carbon lay-up like the RDO seat post?

Craig - 02/13/12 - 12:31pm

There is no Air 9 RDO frame. There’s an Air 9 and then there’s Jet 9 RDO.

glancing aft - 02/13/12 - 2:52pm

Whatever the frame is, it will crack after less than six months use…

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