Design Logic Bikes Debuts U.S.-Made Da Bomb, Da Trail Motorized Cargo Bikes

Design Logic Bikes Da Bomb motorized cargo bicycle is made in the USADesign Logic Bikes’ new Da Bomb motorized cargo bike was, in its original incarnation, raced in the Spooky Tooth Cycles Arizona Death Race 2010 by founder Lance Portnoff. He finished 9th.

Since then, he’s shorted the wheelbase and beefed up the frame to create Da Trail, doubling his catalog.

Da Bomb is the extended model designed around a Staton gear box and rear hub (shown) and can be pedaled or run via small 4-stroke engines from Subaru or Honda. Da Trail is built with e-bike conversions in mind, with space for battery packs and the appropriate motor.

The frames are TIG welded 4130 chromoly and, with the gas motor, can reach 30mph while getting a claimed 150mpg. They’re designed and built in Philadelphia, PA. Frames are $995 and fit a rider from about 5’5″ to 6’4″ tall. A complete Da Bomb with bits from Thomson, Chris King, Hayes, DT Swiss and Shimano comes in at $3,500 including the Subaru EHO 35cc engine and Staton gearbox.


Chris - 02/06/12 - 11:05am

So not trying to be a dick here…but how is a bike, that has a motor, and a frame and parts specifically designed to be used with said motor not just a motor-cycle?

Tyler (Editor) - 02/06/12 - 11:25am

Because you can pedal it. Technically, I think most municipalities would consider it a moped.

brett - 02/06/12 - 12:10pm

I think these are really cool, but for $3500 I would just buy a brand new Tomos moped. (and save $2500).

JL - 02/06/12 - 3:14pm\mab\
Already Done at a bigger wheel and Motor !
Quiring Cycles did a few years ago…..


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