AX-Lightness Releases New Frame – The Vial

Ax-Lightness Vial Frame Complete

The new Vial frame let’s Germany’s AX-Lightness join the sub-800g club with Wilier, BH, Cervelo and Cannondale.

With carbon monocoque construction, the frame itself comes in at 745g.  The full frameset (including the tapered 3T Rigida Fork and Engage Revit seatpost) weighs in at 1203g by my calculation.  The asymmetrical rear stays, when coupled with the rectangular frame cross sections, promises for “direct and exact forward energy.”  The Vial frameset is scheduled for release in March of 2012.  Along with this blue and black paint job, AX-Lightness is also known for their crazy custom paint jobs at Eurobike.

More pictures of the Vial and some insane custom paint jobs from the big show in Germany after the break…

Ax Lightness Vial Handlebar and Stem

Ax Lightness Vial Seatpost and Rear

The pricing on the Vial is 4900 Euros, which at current exchange is 6444 USD.

Ax Lightness Vial Rear Brake

Ax Lightness Vial Bottom Bracket

Ax Lightness Vial Rear Brake

And some pictures of AX-Lightness’ custom paint jobs last year Eurobike, some of which were being airbrushed directly in the booth!

AX Lightness Hawaii Bike

Ax Lightness Hawaii Surf-N-Turf

Ax Lightness Custom Paint Job

Ax Lightness Custom Cranks



Chris - 01/26/12 - 4:00pm

While i’m far from enough of a weight weenie to squeal over the weight, I think that blue/black is the sexiest color/graphics package i’ve seen in a while.

Johnny - 01/26/12 - 4:55pm

A note that the Felt F1 frame comes in a 792 grams that would also put Felt into this club. Thanks

will - 01/26/12 - 5:15pm

dont forget who really got the lightweight frame ball rolling – guru bikes. their photon frame set comes in at the same weight range. the bike won bicycling magazine dream bike of the year. how did you over look this??

MTB - 01/26/12 - 5:42pm

I believe the cervelo r5ca and the cannondale evo frames come in under 700 grams.

JEFF BOTELHO - 01/26/12 - 6:36pm


Devo - 01/26/12 - 10:12pm

cool top tube/seat tube interface.
reminds me of that 3M piece from SlingShot.

Bob - 01/26/12 - 11:27pm

Looks sexy,yet also very Smurfy……

harro - 01/26/12 - 11:56pm

Sub 700 is the new Sub 800. Everyone can do sub 800 these days.

Gillis - 01/27/12 - 12:46am

amazing how most of the comments are hinged one single statement that isn’t very important.

I agree with Chris, its one damn fine looking frameset. These would look good under team Sky.

Robin - 01/27/12 - 3:14am

The blue and black version is hot, while being subtle and classy. For those that dig color coordinating (not me), the electric blue Michelin PR4’s would be a natural choice. Hopefully AX-Lightness won’t have any problems with these frames as they did with their über light stem.

dgaddis - 01/27/12 - 7:37am

Is it really necessary to put all the ‘technology’ logos on there? “Comfort Extension”, “Preformed La….”

It’s like the bikes at Wal-Mart that have stickers on them that say “Dual Suspension” and whatnot.

Christian - 01/27/12 - 5:07pm

Absolutely right will. Small frame builder who gets no credit for innovation. Same old story.

bob - 01/27/12 - 6:16pm

Mmmmmm. The blue/black on that thing looks fantastic. It’s out of my price range. If I was in the market for something like this it would be on my “consider this list”.

Luigi - 01/28/12 - 6:48am

Odd they did not use their own AX lightness fork.That would have put the frame weight much lower.

Juan C - 01/28/12 - 10:14am


MissedThePoint - 01/30/12 - 8:24pm

What’s the complete pictured bike weigh?

@dgaddis – It’s about as necessary as labeling people whiners (you) and dicks (me).

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