Video: Sh*t Cyclists Say – From PeopleForBikes


Bikefx - 01/22/12 - 11:20am

“I think I’ll race cross next year” Yeah!
“can I use your workstand?”, “can I borrow an Allen key?” Sooo true in retail!
But “can I borrow a tube?”?? Yeah right! Lol!

ted - 01/22/12 - 1:23pm

that dood said eating is cheating

Mva - 01/22/12 - 1:29pm

Allen allen allen!!

Steve steve steve!!!

MTB - 01/22/12 - 2:28pm

“Is this the lightest bell you have?”


h2ofuel - 01/22/12 - 2:50pm

Better than the mountain biker version. Good stuff here.

zach - 01/22/12 - 6:01pm

This was at the shop/coffee bar across the street from my house. I’ll be sure to smack that guy if given the opportunity.

Sam - 01/22/12 - 7:48pm

Great video. I think I’ve said almost every one of those lines.

will - 01/22/12 - 9:32pm

they left out the one all bike shops just love to hear- ” i got it on ebay cheap. what do you think?”

Gillis - 01/23/12 - 12:53am

@will: more accurately “I got this online, can you install it?”

The Rude Awakener - 01/23/12 - 9:01am

i guess we’re all guilty of saying at least one of those lines!

Jeff - 01/23/12 - 9:06am

That is easily the funniest biking video I have ever watched, and I am sure I wasn’t the only one squirming in my chair while watching it.

xcgeekdotcom - 01/23/12 - 11:12am

“id be pro if i didnt have to work” is a staple in boulder

Joe - 01/23/12 - 6:12pm

Cool, I’ve got 3 new ones now that I can use.

eric - 01/25/12 - 5:27pm

Shit cyclists say IN BOULDER! ! !

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