Video: Sh*T Mountain Bikers Say

It was bound to happen sometime. beat everyone to the punch with their video based on the “Sh*t People Say” series of videos running around on YouTube. We think they did a great job capturing the inane phrases of mountain bikers in the wild.


Arkonbey - 01/20/12 - 10:24am

Of course, given the state of mountain biking these days, there should be “Sh1t Freeriders Say”, “Sh1t XC Mountain Bikers Say”, “Sh1t Singlespeeders Say” and “Sh1t Racers Say”

Even if you did forget to include references to bike/frame/component weight, Of course the “got a pump/five mil/patch kit/” references are totally spot on.

Brendan - 01/20/12 - 1:06pm

Sh*t XC riders say: “Dude, I just got like 3 feet of air back there” (closer to 3 inches)

J ruff - 01/20/12 - 2:25pm

They missed… “Is my go pro on?”

mountguitars - 01/20/12 - 4:15pm

J ruff, i was just gonna say that. i always ask my riding buddy if the gopro was turned on before we run down the hill. LOL!

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