2012 Cervelo P5 Mini Site Goes Live, Adds to Speculation

2012 Cervelo P5 TT triathlon bike teaser website

The official mini-site for the 2012 Cervelo P5 triathlon bike has just gone live with a whole lotta nothing.

Well, maybe a little something…it does strictly say “Triathlon Bike” as opposed to time trial, so we’re betting it leaves the UCI’s 3:1 rule in the transition bag and goes for broke with the aerodynamics.

Re-reading the original teaser, there’s mention of  “a new braking system”, which has us wondering if they’ll be putting some hydraulic brakes on their given the anticipated move on their team road bikes with Magura. It would be a much easier upgrade on a tri bike given that the shifters are usually placed on the aero bar ends. Hmmm….

The official debut is Wednesday, January 18, and our man Jason is headed overseas tomorrow to cover the full launch. As soon as we’re allowed to post it, look for a full tech rundown and a few choice quotes. Until then, it looks like Cervelo will be posting a few more too-close-to-be-useful images on the 16th and 17th. Head over to P5simplyfaster.com to see for yourself.



yesplease - 01/13/12 - 12:25pm

They must be making two then, if the bike isn’t UCI legal then why would Garmin-Barracuda have the magura logo on the shorts?

I hope its worth all hype and attention cervelo and magura are getting.

go gadget go - 01/13/12 - 1:16pm

“I hope its worth all hype and attention cervelo and magura are getting.”

It rarely is, if ever.

Tommy Nickels - 01/13/12 - 1:23pm

But will it blend?

Bittermidget - 01/13/12 - 2:34pm

The company needs to do something. Shops are dropping them left and right over the Share the Ride fiasco.

Tim S - 01/13/12 - 11:30pm

Bittermidget: What Shops are drooping them over the Share the Ride, The shop here got more people on look at Cervelo. It just a year end sale with a different name.

Mallory - 01/14/12 - 11:26am

@ti…that is some seriously crude cut & paste work… obviously done on Microsoft Publisher…who ever is responsible for that poor effort should upgrade to Adobe Illustrator…You’ll get more professional (and believable) results.

Adam - 01/14/12 - 1:10pm

Disc brakes aren’t UCI legal…yet. For now its a tri bike until the UCI lets it into races.

SWIMBIKERUN.ph - 01/16/12 - 9:10am

complete leaked pictures of the new cervelo p5 http://www.swimbikerun.ph/2012/01/leaked-official-pictures-of-the-2012-cervelo-p5/


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