Jamis Shipping Commuter 4 with Nuvinci Continuously Variable Drivetrain

2012 Jamis Commuter 4 bicycle with Nuvinci N360 CVP continuously variable internal shifting rear hub

If your New Year’s resolutions involve riding to work more often, we say get on your bike and ride. If you’re one of those particular people that likes to have the right tool for the job, you’re in luck. More and more brands are releasing purpose driven (ridden?) bicycles for the commuter crowd that make it easier, quicker and cleaner than ever to pedal to your cubicle.

The Jamis Commuter 4, shown here, comes with pretty much everything you need except lights. The alloy frame gets full coverage fenders and chainguard, micro bells, cushy saddle, full pannier racks with stretchy cords and 700c wheels. What pushes this model to the top of the line is the internally shifting, infinitely variable Nuvinci N360 CVP rear hub. We’ve played around with this on several occasions (and I think Nick is lining up a bike with it for long term review), and it’s pretty sweet for city bike use. Shifting is instant and smooth since it uses a planetary gear system rather than actual, uh, gears.

Retail is $950, and it’s also available in a step-thru women’s model, shown after the break…

2012 Jamis Commuter 4 womens step thru city bicycle with Nuvinci N360 infinitely variable internal shifting rear hub


Patrick - 01/11/12 - 5:04pm

Belt drive and I’m sold.

Turbofrog - 01/12/12 - 11:44am

Wow, that’s a great price for that bike. Is that the first NuVinci bike to crack <$1000?

Larry Falk - 01/12/12 - 12:27pm

I like everything except the wimpy chainguard. impressive price. been riding with a generator front hub and will never go back. will jamis offer a model with this configuration? (of course at a different price point.)

twistyaction - 01/12/12 - 11:53pm

Except that as compared to planetary gear internal hubs like the Alfine, the Nuvinci is painfully inefficient in the uphill end of its range and it’s super heavy. Other than that, it’s awesome.

a - 01/17/12 - 6:54pm

Twistyaction, do you have any references for the NuVinci efficiency numbers?

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