Found: 14.37lb Scott Scale SL – With Pedals, Bottle Cage & Bar Ends!

super lightweight scott scale sl mountain bike under 15 pounds

Seeing lightweight bikes hit the scales at otherworldly weights always tickles us the right way, and Bikerumor reader Emmanual has us giggling in all the right ways.

His Scott Scale SL race bike registers at just 6.52kg (14.37lbs) complete with pedals, bottle cage, bar ends and Acros’ hydraulic shifting system. Lots of pics and a full build spec list after the break…

Headset: TUNE BUBU custom made
Stem: AX LIGHTNESS custom air brush painted 100mm
Fork: DT Swiss XRC Twin shoot custom brushed
Handlebar: Schmolke SL 600mm custom brushed
Barends: SLB CUSstom 90g
Grips: Extralite
Crank : THM Clavicula 42/32
Chainring: Carbon Ti
Cassette: SRAM XX 11-36
Seat:Parts od Passion
Seatpost: Schmolke TLO 400mm custom
Brake: Magura MT 8
Brakerotor: HOPE Race Edition
Derailleurs: Acros A GE
Bottle Cage: Tune
ALL Bolts and screws are made: Titan /ALU /bottecage carbon
Rims: AX Lightweight tubular brushed
Hubs: TUNE Princess SKYLINE
Hub: Tune Dezibel custom
Spokes: Sapin Superspoke carbon laminated

Cost? About as much as a small car. For more pics, check out his blog.

Got your own totally sick lightweight build? Use the “Submit Tips” link above and send over a complete build list, photos and a pic of it hanging from the scale that clearly shows the actual, complete bike weight. We’ll feature the best ones here. In the meantime, here are a few others to make you drool:


MTB - 01/09/12 - 3:18pm

That’s just sick!
That’s lighter than most high-end full carbon road bikes.

spokejunky - 01/09/12 - 4:02pm

Dare you to race it downhill.

stratosrally - 01/09/12 - 4:19pm

Nice & mean-looking ultralight…

What I’d like to know is the brand & model of the tires, since they aren’t listed in the specs and in the pic the logo is so stylized as to be illegible!

yesplease - 01/09/12 - 4:21pm

They are tufo Tubular tires.

evil - 01/09/12 - 4:22pm

Tufo XC2

stratosrally - 01/09/12 - 4:24pm

Thanks, yesplease!

Checking out their website now…

anon - 01/09/12 - 4:39pm

Nice baby wheels.

Steve M - 01/09/12 - 5:00pm

Light enought to easily lift onto the roof rack- which is right where it should stay.

dave - 01/09/12 - 5:15pm

What do you want to bet this bike never, ever gets raced?

ScoobDood - 01/09/12 - 5:59pm

Gorgeous bike and build, but I give that saddle one ride and the weight goes up to 15.5 lbs.

Tom - 01/09/12 - 6:05pm

Where are the scrub rotors?

fg4 - 01/09/12 - 6:19pm

Agreed. Cute little wheels. Do they make it in adult sizes?

MTB - 01/09/12 - 6:39pm

Will the Acros hydraulic shifters be available in the US?
If anyone knows, who’s selling them here?

jeff - 01/09/12 - 6:39pm

@fg4 & anon:
Maybe he just has the skills and finesse you lack to ride them…

Tom - 01/09/12 - 6:45pm


Joshua Murdock - 01/09/12 - 8:09pm

Nice! I’ll be waiting for a write up on the hydraulic shifting!

CW - 01/09/12 - 8:15pm

Just about any local bike shop in the US will be able to order the acros system in a couple of weeks. Two of the largest distributors are carrying them.

MissedThePoint - 01/09/12 - 8:57pm

All that money into a bike only to limit how much you can ride it? I guess this calls for one of those “$xxxx for blah blah…. blah blah, priceless” sayings?

Moonshine - 01/09/12 - 8:58pm

That thing is cool but definitely not for my 330+ lbs Super-Clyde self! I would be picking carbon fiber chunks out of my ass for a month when it exploded under me after a few pedal strokes!

alloycowboy - 01/09/12 - 9:17pm

That is a really nice “bicycle shaped object”. Lets weight it again after about a 100 hours of riding and see what it weighs.

MTB - 01/09/12 - 9:38pm

People, it’s a race bike. I doubt it gets 100 hours in a season.
I have a sub 19 lb race bike, solely used for race day.
He probably has other (heavier, more durable) bikes for training.

dan - 01/09/12 - 10:48pm

watch this bike “fold” before your very eyes!!!

Ronin Six - 01/10/12 - 2:49am

Is there any way to find the weights of hardtails ridden by pros that have podiumed in recent, major cross country races?

Ronin Six - 01/10/12 - 2:52am

Hmmm maybe not even pros… perhaps just the top finishing hardtails of recent and/or major XC races (seems apparent this bike is spec’d specifically for XC races, yeah?).

Stu - 01/10/12 - 4:42am

With all Tune, AX Lightness, Schmolke and clavicula cranks it damn well should be that light!

The Todd - 01/10/12 - 12:37pm

Can you ride it?

A. - 01/10/12 - 3:52pm

This is the most ridiculous cable routing I’ve ever seen. Talk about dropping the ball (on the manufacturer’s part). If it’s a fully hydraulic system then there should be 90 degree elbows to eliminate that hideous mess. Take a look at the pics on the blog. It’s horrific!

lex - 01/10/12 - 5:55pm

I also drive bikes under 17lb and i drive them each more than 10 000km a year !! the light bikes israel bike is also nice but Scrub rotos don#t work so good as steel ones !!!

Mike - 01/11/12 - 3:39pm

I wouldn’t touch that bike with a 10ft. pole let alone ride it. Carbon fiber does not belong in mountain biking.

ColinS - 01/11/12 - 5:49pm

Mike, your an idiot. Carbon fiber has MORE than proved itself in mountain biking. Ask the Santa Cruz DOWNHILL team about their carbon fiber frames, hell, their carbon fiber wheels!

It’s a sick bike, I probably wouldn’t race it, but it’d be fun as hell to ride! Also, the reason the cable routing looks bad is because the bike is designed to have internal cables (with standard cables, obviously), and I’m assuming the hydraulic hoses couldn’t be internally routed.

Mike - 01/12/12 - 2:26pm

Colin, In all due respect, we’re on the same team, I won’t flame you but will respond with the fact that one crash on that bike and its off to the shop for replacement. Have you ever seen a carbon bike get side loaded? It never ends well.

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