RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK Bikes Now Available Through Trek’s Project One Program


Trek has just added the new team bike paint scheme for Radio Shack Nissan Trek Bikes to the Project One custom offerings.

PRESS RELEASE: Trek Bicycle has made the new RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK team paint scheme, emblazoned upon the team’s 2012 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL and Speed Concept 9.9 available to cyclists across the globe through the company’s Project One custom bike program.  The new scheme, available for order now at all authorized Trek Project One retailers, was unveiled at the team’s launch in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.  Crafted by Trek’s internal Design Studio, the new team’s ride is available now on Madone 6 series and Speed Concept 9-series ordered through Project One.  The Madone 6.9 SSL above is the Radio Shack Nissan Trek Bikes team edition and runs $11,686.48 as shown.

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tt - 01/08/12 - 3:42pm

where are the batteries hidden?

Lance - 01/08/12 - 4:29pm

Trek blows

Godsight - 01/08/12 - 4:58pm

They finally hidden the batterie of di2 atleast on the madone

Danno - 01/08/12 - 5:56pm

Comely, but a tough call between one of these and a Ducati Multistrada 1200

Me - 01/08/12 - 8:18pm
The battery for the madone is on the bottom bracket.

Larry Falk - 01/08/12 - 8:49pm

Understated leopard trek-ish paint job is boring. Radio Shack bike was better.

Dealer - 01/08/12 - 9:34pm

They are exactly the same placement as the madones for the Di2 battery…under the bb

wigs - 01/09/12 - 1:31am

nice USA made bike.

Lance blows

IdeaStormer Jorge - 01/09/12 - 3:32am

What about for the Classics? Same bike? Don’t think so.

Brandon - 01/09/12 - 12:28pm

I would never buy or ride one, but it’s a nice subtle scheme. And that disc is pretty sweet looking.

Chris - 01/09/12 - 12:52pm

Posers rejoice!!

Anthony - 01/09/12 - 1:49pm

Plain and simple, I like it.

slick - 01/09/12 - 5:36pm

nice bike.

yes, Brandon, we know you can’t afford one.

Robin - 01/09/12 - 10:22pm

Wait, I thought posers rode Cannondales…er, I mean, Colgnagos….no, DeRosas………..not those, uhm, Blue……no, it’s Time or Look……no……….Posers ride Trigon……no…………..BMC……….wait…….Scott……, “posers” ride whatever they’re riding when asshats call them “poseurs.”

Joseba - The Yellow Bikes - 01/10/12 - 4:45am

I find it really nice. From my point of view, regarding bike design, less is more.

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