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Project 24.2 Initial Review: Magura’s lightweight MT6 disc brakes

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Update 2:15pm:  After replacing the Ti QR skewer with a steel DT RWS skewer, the squealing caused by flex in the rear end of our Project 24.2 bike is all but gone.  Tight clearances don’t help, but flex in the rear end of the bike seems to have been the culprit.

While everyone (myself included) oohs and aahs over the latest and greatest range-topping gear, in order for manufacturers to provide a return on expensive R&D and pay off costly tooling it’s not uncommon to find much the same performance a step or two down the range.  Though their top of the line 280g/$400 per wheel MT8 disc brakes clearly stole the show, at Interbike the guys at Magura were just as jazzed about the closely related MT6s- and offered to send a set out for our Project 24.2 build.

Coming in at 310g for a front brake with a 160mm Storm SL rotor and hardware, the MT6 saves $100 per wheel over the MT8.  What’s given up for a 25% savings?  The MT6 goes without the MT8’s carbon bar clamp and lever blade and a bit of caliper machining (which we’re told should make the brake a shade stiffer).  The headline grabbing Carbotecture thermoplastic lever body/master cylinder remain, though.  Does the MT6 perform as well on the trail as on the scale?  Hit the jump for our first real-world reflections.