Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Bit By The Mountain Bike Bug!

bikerumor pic of the day son bit by the mtb bug!

Photo submitted by David McKinley, “My 12 year old son purchased his first mountain bike w/ his Christmas money. Picture taken on Dec. 27, 2011.”

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Paul in VA - 12/29/11 - 9:19am


MTB - 12/29/11 - 9:53am

Brings back good memories of my first mountain bike when I was a kid.
A red Schwinn that I outgrew pretty quick.

David McKinley - 12/29/11 - 11:03am

Your right – we live in Arizona. This is jeep road on Sunrise Mountain near our home.

Paul in VA - 12/30/11 - 2:55pm

Awesome. I used to live in Tucson. I miss the riding and Tucson’s El Charro restaurant.

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