Louis Garneau introduce pressure-relieving Mondo glove

Continuing their long focus on riders’ contact points, Louis Garneau have just released the Mondo road glove.  With its strategically located perforated gel padding, the Mondo is designed to relieve pressure on the median and ulnar nerves, reducing the likelihood of tingly fingers.  The perforated Ergo Air palms are also said to offer superior ventilation in order to prevent sweaty palms.

In keeping with the ergonomic design of the gloves, the road-specific fastener location and laser cut one piece upper back and fingers to their part to keep the rider from thinking about his or her gloves instead of the ride.  The Mondo is available in gents’ and ladies’ versions in several colors for $45.



Xris - 12/26/11 - 4:37pm

Highly recommended glove! I used a demo for quite some time and it fits like a dream. Same with the newer Corsa Kit. Feels absolutely amazing.

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