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bike rumor monday mystery bike part

Photo from the collection of Rustybicycle. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in ‘comments’ section– the answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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ball - 12/26/11 - 7:36am

Example color swatch for coating components (levers, etc.)

lasrever - 12/26/11 - 8:43am

blackburn usa anodizing options for their racks/waterbottle cages – probably from the late 80’s

BJ - 12/26/11 - 10:43am

nipple rings

Bart boma - 12/26/11 - 12:04pm

Looks like pieces you would put in a stress tester and coloring is to code them and test paint and how it holds up under loads

Jonas - 12/26/11 - 12:31pm

The colors of the new Saris bike racks?

Gillis - 12/26/11 - 3:21pm

I don’t know what it is but Iasrever’s answer seems the best to me.

Scott Vines - 12/26/11 - 5:11pm

Those look like paint samples.

h2ofuel - 12/26/11 - 6:49pm

Popsicle sticks for homemade popsicles

Monsignor B - 12/26/11 - 8:54pm

Urinary cathater rods for straightening a bent wang.

Josh - 12/26/11 - 10:28pm

Teletubbies deflated for storage?

Kristibee - 12/27/11 - 9:00am

Answer from our source: “Blackburn once had a rainbow of colors available for their racks. These were basically the clipped ends of the rack struts.”

uglyyeti - 12/27/11 - 9:21am

That color palette would have perfectly matched any mid 80’s Dave Scott Centurion. By the end of the 80’s they had neon colors.

BR - 12/27/11 - 6:14pm

Crank Cotter Sizer

Dave Holland - 12/27/11 - 10:04pm

Ninja secret spikes color coded to match the kit of the day with points removed for safer cycling. Or, what Kristibee said.

CrazyG - 12/28/11 - 11:42am

Blackburn Designs’ color samples!!

CrazyG - 12/28/11 - 11:45am

BTW!! These samples are powder coated as opposed to anodized!
Cuktural enrichment?

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