Cyfac Launches Custom Paint Configuration Website

Cyfac Custome Paint Screen Capture

File this under time wasters.  Cyfac has recently joined the likes of Parlee and NielPryde by launching their custom paint configuration website.  You will find seven templates to choose from, and they have provided 25 colors to use so you can pretty up that bicycle just how you like it.  There’s even an option for those who prefer an ISP (integrated seat post).  This all adds up to over two million different possibilities.

Should you choose to buy a frame from Cyfac, you will find they use real paint, stencils instead of decals, and the details can include the rider name, personal logos, and even the builders signature.




Db - 12/19/11 - 2:40am

Why not mention Trek in there? They have had their Project 1 deal going for what 10 years?

ube urban - 12/19/11 - 2:43pm

Very innovative, it’s nice to see the simplicity of the interface to all clients interact with customization.

-ube urban

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