Limited Edition Giant TCR Advanced SL Rabobank Team Road Frame Now Shipping

2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL Rabobank team limited edition road bike frame now shipping

Just got news from Matt over at Eden Bicycles that limited edition Rabobank Team versions of the 2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL are shipping.

They’re saying the frame comes in under 900g and is the first time Giant’s used full carbon dropouts and BB shell, which should eliminate squeaking issues caused by metal inserts (shop’s words). The frame has all of Giant’s performance code names: Overdrive 2 tapered headset, Powercore PFBB30 PFBB86 bottom bracket shell, etc.

While the 1.5″ to 1.25″ Overdrive 2 forks aren’t getting much love out in the real world, we’ve ridden the TCR Advanced down some 50kmh+ descents in Switzerland and have to say it does provide a pretty rock solid bike. More pics below…

2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL Rabobank team limited edition road bike frame now shipping

2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL Rabobank team limited edition road bike frame now shipping

2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL Rabobank team limited edition road bike frame now shipping

In reality, if you’re buying a Giant with OD2, the chances you’re going to swap out your fork are slim to none, especially when it’s custom paint matched to a frame. More standards add complexity, but we really don’t see what all the fuss is about on this. After all, plenty of brands have proprietary seatmast shapes that require specific toppers and there’s not a tremendous outcry over that insanity. Discuss.

Frameset price is $2,900.


wv cycling - 12/15/11 - 9:20am

It’s like bike companies have a contest seeing how many times they can have their company name plastered on a frameset…

quality_vintage_bikes - 12/15/11 - 9:40am

Colnago won that contest long long ago! Even before there was even a contest

h2ofuel - 12/15/11 - 9:48am

That’s the idea for the most part in pro cycling. I think it looks good.

Collin S - 12/15/11 - 10:15am

The issue with the fork isn’t really the fork itself, but the issue with the stem. If more companies start switching over to the 1.25 upper, then its not to big of a deal, but at this point, there are very few stems that will fit 1.25 steer tubes. Although, they are not the first company to do this. I believe Canyon bikes have been doing this for at least a year. Compeditive Cyclist/Panther racers had to do a ghetto solution when they receieved their race bikes for last season and wanted different length stems. They ended up getting a specialized stem which comes with a insert that allows you to tweek the stem angle. They ditched the insert then made up the 1mm or so gap between the stem and the steer tube by hacking up a coke can. See pictures here:

If that doesn’t work, go to rockets and sproket blog (Chris Uberti) and go to April 2011.

kcr - 12/15/11 - 10:33am

OD2 – big deal, Canyon’s been doing this for years, Ritchey already makes 1.25 stems. It shouldn’t be a make it or break it factor…To many other, more important variables to consider.

mattL - 12/15/11 - 10:56am

The OD2 does make a big difference though. The front end stiffness increase is very noticeable. Im about 290lbs and these forks no longer dive on hard braking.

Adam - 12/15/11 - 12:45pm

It’s a PFBB86 not PFBB30 bottombracket

Vodalous - 12/15/11 - 12:54pm

At 130 lbs I don’t think this will make any difference to me.

cw - 12/15/11 - 1:46pm

The bb is actually a bb86, for 24mm spindle cranks, not pf30. As for ritchey making 1.25 stems, go ahead and try to order one and report back your luck.

Ben Liaw - 12/15/11 - 3:31pm

MSRP of the 2012 ISP TCR Advanced SL is $3200. $2900 was the MSRP of the frameset last year.

I just picked mine up.

Tyler (Editor) - 12/15/11 - 4:09pm

Adam/CW – thanks, made the correction.

Ben – thats the price we were given by the shop that submitted the info, but yes, it looks like Giant’s website is claiming $3,200 as well.

Nick - 12/16/11 - 4:53am

Aren’t Syntace F119s 1.25″ without the shim?

“we’ve ridden the TCR Advanced down some 50kmh+ descents in Switzerland and have to say it does provide a pretty rock solid bike”

Did you really have to go to Switzerland to hit the scary speeds of 30 mph?! I’d be worried if anything felt unstable at that speed! :-)

Ben Liaw - 12/16/11 - 8:06am

Comparing apples to apples…

My new 2012 TCR Advanced SL Rabo frameset (uncut fork and seatpost) weights 3.28 lbs.

My previous 2010 TCR Advanced SL Rabo frameset (cut fork and seatpost) weighed 3.82 lbs.

Prior to cutting the fork and seatpost to length, it would appear that the new frame is over a 1/2 lb. lighter than the previous gen TCR Advanced SL…and that’s with the Ride Sense ANT+ sensor on the chainstay.

Now…the hunt for a 1.25″ steerer stem…since Giant has no inventory of 12cm carbon stems until Mid Feb 2012…

Matt - 12/16/11 - 1:50pm

Nice looking bike, but you had better be real fast and not visit many Starbucks if you buy it.

matt - 12/16/11 - 2:12pm

Here was the owner of the shop, Chris Padavana, riding with team Rabobank in Lake Tahoe while the Tour of California was in town!

Saul - 05/09/12 - 9:55pm

Hi I am very dissapointed, the last year I bought a TCR adv 2011, wonderful color, but on January I had a crash in some race, the frame was crashed, so I decided bay a new frame and used the same group from the previous bike, just I only buy the New frame TCR advanced sl ISP 2012, my first expectation was reduce the weight and second the sfitness, however my outcome was the same weight, my thinking was the following, reduce weight because is sl + reduce weight because is isp + reduce weight because is 2012 vs 2011, the result was the same 7.7km, with the exactly the same group and wheels.

Question, the new frame TCR adv sl ISP came with carbon headset and the spacers are carbon, the frame that I have came with steel.

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