How do you say “collabo” in French? Louis Vitton avec Cycles Victoire

edit:  The use of the word “collabo” in this post is a variation on last week’s How do you say “collabo” in Italian post in no way intended to suggest that Louis Vitton or Cycles Victoire have collaborated or intend to collaborate with any occupying armies- Nazi or otherwise- in the past, present, or future.  Any offense caused by the use of the term was completely unintentional and for that I apologize.

Apology for offense resulting from the bicycle depicted in these images, on the other hand, is really in the collaborators’ (polo) court.

Via Selectism:

While the world of bicycle polo will shed a single tear as they see their sport being taken to new levels of luxury, others will appreciate the hand crafted work involved in fabricating the toe straps, mallet, and leather bar wraps used by Intersection Magazine in this shoot with Louis Vuitton. But they worked with bicycle polo players you say? Yes. Intersection was shown mood boards at Vuittons’ HQ. There they saw the early stages of what we have here. Custom straps and mallet, and even the chainring received special attention from Victoire. We like.


Jump the shark break for more images…


Wheel cover. Leather. Of course.

Shadow Polo!

Levitating mallet.


Bicycle Repair Man - 12/12/11 - 9:46pm

It’s a latin root. So it’s the same word in french.
But you must be warned that this word in french was used during WW2 to name those among us that decided to “collaborate” with the nazis invaders. So it is still very badly and sadly colored here.
Just one more thing: according to some inquirers, the Vuitton house may have been involved in “collaboration” with Vichy’s regime and the nazis… So this topic should be treated with a high care by this side of the altlantic !!!

Danno - 12/12/11 - 11:09pm

Wow, akin to, but somehow less offensive than, the “Need Supply” poser bike. Maybe its the leather wheels covers. Or the fact that I know I won’t see bike-polo-playing, streetbound & change-demanding yutes rolling these in my town square.

PS – a troll like this has gotta call out MSRP

Gillis - 12/13/11 - 1:10am

the chainring is cool

Matt - 12/13/11 - 4:37am

Think we need to know the price so we can get really worked up about this stuff and give full vent to our rage. Come on guys, make us really, really angry! : O )

donodyl - 12/13/11 - 7:30am

Hi Bikerumor !

be careful.. in france, collabo means a guy who was friend with german occupants during the WW2.
so, in france, we talk about “collaboration” between two brands or a kind of co-branding (no translation in french for that).

otherwise, i enjoy your site. keep up the great work !


Chuck - 12/13/11 - 7:43am

I thought “collabo” was French

Hipp St. Erdoosh - 12/13/11 - 9:19am

If you ever catch on a bike like that feel free to punch me square in the beanbag.

Hipp St. Erdoosh - 12/13/11 - 9:21am

cards in the spokes even?! Yep, punch me in the dangler

Mike Sir Bike - 12/13/11 - 10:46am

I heard something to the tune of 15 grand…

notapro - 12/13/11 - 11:17am

where’s the bike carrier for my Veyron you scrubs?!

ccolagio - 12/13/11 - 2:56pm

someone showing up to the polo courts on that thing would be the equivalent of someone showing up to a LBS sunday morning ride on an s-works mclaren

might as well paint a big target on your back – cause you going to get your silly expensive bike ridden into realllly quick

ccolagio - 12/13/11 - 2:57pm

and that mallet would last about 2 games and crack in half. just sayin

YourMomGoesToCollege - 12/14/11 - 3:00pm

haha “levitating mallet”

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