How do you say ‘collabo’ in Italian? Bianchi by Gucci

Why?  Probably because they can.

Hot on the heels of our popular heavily commented Need Supply Co. x Carytown Bicycle Company post comes news of Gucci’s exclusive line of Bianchi bicycles and cycling accessories.  As you’d expect, if you have to ask… In order to save you that indignity, we’ve posted full specs and prices below.  My pick?  As beautiful as the fixie is and as much as I could use some new winter riding gloves, the winner for me has to be the white helmet with trademark green/red/green racing stripes and integrated glasses.  Drop $890 and we can match!  Click through for a sample bike- though the whole line (fixie, cruiser, and urban bike) does look to be sold out…

bianchi by gucci carbon urban bike:

  • black carbon fiber frame with green/red/green web detail
  • black seat and handlebars recalling the iconic diamante pattern
  • ‘bianchi by gucci’ logo featured on seat and frame
  • eleven speeds
  • hydraulic disk breaks [sic]
  • available with water bottle, headlights and wheel reflector
  • double sided pedals are suitable for toe clips and regular shoes
  • weights [sic] 22 lbs
  • $14,000
  • Unavailable [sold out?]

bianchi by gucci biking gloves

  • black nylon grip fabric with green/red/green grosgrain web detail
  • padded palm
  • $305 filed under “small accessories”


tim o - 12/09/11 - 9:46am

John Galt already has one. It’s good to be the 1%…

Jake - 12/09/11 - 9:58am

Do they sell like, just the thumb?
That’s all I could afford…maybe.

uglyyeti - 12/09/11 - 10:21am

Is that an Italian Science Patrol helmet?

Maple leafs - 12/09/11 - 10:27am

Exact reason why Italy is broke.
Produce crap (probably outsourced to China) that no one buys.

Ztboonie - 12/09/11 - 10:31am

hydro “breaks”? Haha…..I’m not paying 14K for something that’s advertised as going to break!

Mick - 12/09/11 - 11:11am

The helmet is sourced from Kask…buy it as a Kask branded helmet and pay a fraction

uglyyeti - 12/09/11 - 12:01pm

$250 retail for the Kask Lifestyle helmet – that’s a $640 “collabo” upcharge.

Chris - 12/09/11 - 12:54pm

Proving once again that wealthy and smart don’t always go together…

topmounter - 12/09/11 - 1:42pm

I think I’ll wait until AFTER the impending depression to purchase these items.

phlat albert - 12/09/11 - 2:34pm

need to get the lumberjack with the fixie kitted out and let us see how it all works.

Huffman - 12/09/11 - 5:35pm

Looks like someone stole Speed Racers helmet, better give it back or he’s gonna be pissed!

Bear? What Bear? - 12/14/11 - 7:06am

The italian for collabo is “collaborazione” but italian in these is just some name, nothing else.
As italian (new) operator who is trying to see if finally we stop by thinking that the bike is just a sport tool, but it’s mainly the fastest commuter possible, i’m really disgusted by this abuse of the “Made in Italy” brand.
in my opinion these products, like the Porsche bike ( ) are nothing, are just the worse face of marketing.
Then they say that Narifuri is too expensive…

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