Timbuk2 Introduces Stork Messenger, the Stealth Diaper Bag Cool Enough for Dad

Timbuk2 has just released the (apparently) long demanded messenger diaper bag. Named the Stork Messenger, it’s available in black only for $139 and comes with insulated bottle sleeves inside for both baby’s drink and daddy’s. Also good for mocking babies on the ride. Pics after the break…

TImbuk2 Stork Messenger cool diaper bag for dads that looks like a bicycle messenger bag

TImbuk2 Stork Messenger cool diaper bag for dads that looks like a bicycle messenger bag

TImbuk2 Stork Messenger cool diaper bag for dads that looks like a bicycle messenger bag


phlat albert - 12/07/11 - 11:04am

did you guys do the bright green on purpose for the changing mat to enhance the browns it will be colliding with? you need more bottle holders in it as well otherwise I’m in the house with the kid.

Timbuk2 - 12/07/11 - 1:36pm

@Phlat albert – The green liner with super hard core trike print was meant to invoke happy romps through the grass, not pee, poo and upchuck. But fair call-out!

mkrs - 12/07/11 - 2:39pm

Wow! If I ever happen to become a father, this shall be a perfect gift for me :)

uglyyeti - 12/07/11 - 4:47pm

I’m a couple years past needing one of these, but this is an undertapped market with a burning need.

I hated going out in public with our Kate Spade diaper bag – even though it rocked functionally.

phlat albert - 12/07/11 - 5:06pm

@timbuk2- my comment was posted just a short time after dealing with a #2 from baby! so colors and smells were freshly in my psyche! i do dig green though!

WannaBeSTi - 12/07/11 - 6:37pm

While this design is a little more integrated that what I was using, but I used a Timbuk2 bag for my son’s diaper bag 5 years ago. The Timbuk2 bag is still going strong as my son’s over-night toy bag. I wish I had pictures of how I had it packed.

Ghost Rider - 12/08/11 - 5:43pm

I’m with WannaBe — I used two different Timbuk2 messenger bags (I have something like 6 of them) for both my wee ones…sure, those old ones didn’t have all these fancy bells and whistles, but they worked FINE. Hell, the flaps were big enough to use as a changing pad, and they…ahem…”wipe clean”.

Best of all, I avoided the stigma of going out with a girly or faux-manly diaper bag.

shawn - 01/20/12 - 11:23am

I just realized this is the perfect commuter / lunch bag I’ve been looking for.

Apparantly the combination is hard to find. I travel with a coffee cup, thermos, water bottle. Need waterproofing for spills, room for lunch, compartments for man purse stuff and electronics. And swap out the changing pad for a laptop or tablet sleeve. And its not some hideous nylon lunch bag.

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