Strava Updates iPhone App, Improves Access, Control and Ride Details

strava cycling app for iPhone tracks bike rides via GPS and uploads to social network for sharing and comparingStrava has updated its iPhone app with improvements on virtually every front.

You can now log in using Facebook Connect or via email, and you have improved access to your account settings, making it easier to change your profile or controls from the phone.

Location initialization is said to be faster, and pausing and starting your rides are easier. Post activity, you can pull up a more detailed map of the complete ride and change it from ride to ski, run, etc., then name the activity. All changes immediately sync to your Strava account.

Since Strava takes things to a competitive, social level, it only makes sense the updated app will let you pull complete or year to date performance data, proving definitively who’s done more miles for the year without having to get on the computer.

It syncs your recent activities across all devices rather than just the iPhone it was recorded on, letting you peruse your effort on a larger iPad or monitor.

The app/update is free on iTunes, get it here.


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