Scandalous! On-One have what may be the sexiest 29er frame under $1k in stock

Ooh, shiny…

On-One’s US office has a whole host of new frames in stock, including what is my pick for the sexiest looking 29er frame under $1,000: the raw Scandal.  A former Scandal owner, I can vouch for the ride and handling, and the swap-able dropouts, subtle-ly bent seat tube, and tapered head tube are worthy upgrades.  The bridgeless chainstays and 5-piece “Y” style seatstays make for loads of tire clearance on this British-bred all ’rounder.  All this for $399.  Not too shabby.  Hit the jump for more pics…

Tapered head tube

Rack bosses on the seatstays and at the dropouts add versatility

For us singlespeeders...

And one more for good measure.

The Scandal is also available in anodized black and British Racing Green.  Inbred 29ers, Pompino ‘cross frames, and Macinato urban fixie frames are also shipping now from the Portland, OR depot.


dgaddis - 12/02/11 - 8:56am

The paint was so bad on my previous generation Scandal (felt like 150 grit sandpaper) that I stripped it and had a matte clearcoat put on. I like it. I also like the changes they made, especially the bent seat tube and new FD cable routing. I have very little clearance on mine, but the new one should be much better.

dgaddis - 12/02/11 - 8:58am

Although, I am sad to see it lose the continuous cable housing routing.

wv cycling - 12/02/11 - 9:11am

Hot Damn! $400.
Purty color, or lack-thereof! It looks like a smart bike for someone on a budget.

Gerald - 12/02/11 - 11:37am

Any idea on the weight?

teh persons - 12/02/11 - 11:53am

The REAL sexiest 29er frame under $1,000.

Topmounter - 12/02/11 - 12:01pm

Nice, is it made out of Scandalium?

Taylor - 12/02/11 - 2:59pm

what is frame weight?

Marc - 12/02/11 - 3:33pm


The paint was not a strong point of the original Scandals- mine chipped like crazy (but the bike rode great). The new black frames are anodized, which should hold up better.

Gerald & Taylor,

According to On-One, the Scandal is coming in at 1750g (3.86lb) with vertical dropouts installed. No shame in that.


Whatever - 12/02/11 - 5:48pm

31.6 post?
Rack mounts?
Heavier than previous Scandals?
Brant didn’t design it?
No full cabling?
No Ti or Steel SS swap?
No full Geo and headset specs on On-One ordering site?

No thanks. I’ll be back for next round

Brian M - 12/02/11 - 9:29pm

@teh persons-
that isn’t a good looking frame. maybe that’s what the dude who sold you on it said, but they’re wrong. thats a stupid looking frame.

greg - 12/02/11 - 11:51pm

…and nearly a pound heavier.

Marc - 12/03/11 - 7:51pm


My old Scandal weighed 3.53lb- that makes for a 3/8lb bump (at the same as a ~$200 price drop). It’s not super-light, but its also nowhere near a pound heavier…


joby - 12/03/11 - 9:40pm

My Raw Scandal frame weighed in at just 3.11lbs. The whole bike, with a carbon rigid fork came in at 23.46lbs. I’d say that’s still pretty light for a 29er.

Whatever - 12/04/11 - 11:38am

He means the Ritchey, Marc.

And there is no price drop. For the U.S. crew, it’s actually more now than it was ordering from Unreal in the past or even ordering from the U.K. and paying postal charges.

I doubt your frame, with swap-outs, weighted 1,410 grams, joby. Get a better scale.

Still waiting on the headset spec or full geometry to be posted on the “official” ordering sites.

dgaddis - 12/05/11 - 7:14am

My previous gen weighed 3.66lbs with the paint stripped, before the clear was added.

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