SRAM Launches Autoshifting e-Bike System

SRAM launches e-bike drivetrain with automatic power assist and auto shifting rear motor hub

SRAM officially presented its new e-Bike powered drivetrain system at Taichung Bike Week.

Originally teased back in March, the system is a ground up new design that uses chain torque and frame flex sensors to gauge user input and automatically shift and adjust power. The motorized rear hub has a 2-speed internal gear system with a user adjustable shift point. The system is super clean, what you see here is what you get. The only wiring runs from the battery pack on the rear rack to the rear hub motor – no wires, controls or displays to clutter up the cockpit.

This photo and more on the system at Bike Europe.


Nick - 11/30/11 - 5:30pm

This must be the big announcement alluded to in the 11speed shimano post… SRAMS new 1×2 electronic shifting

mbiker42 - 11/30/11 - 6:42pm

” Also, the shift point is adjustable on the Automatix hub, but it is not adjustable on the e-bike hub.”

Super clean kit, would be great on my bar bike when i need it simple cause i’m stoopid.

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