Weekend Videos: Danny Hart’s WCDH Winning Run, Morvelo Clothing, Etc.

Truvativ sent over a little video showing the softer side of Danny Hart, the kid who bum rushed the DH circuit this year, capping it off with a sick World Cup winning run at Champery…so we’re leading with the vid of that, and the Truvativ video first up after the break. That’s followed by a vid from Morvelo clothing showing a few pieces of their autumn/winter collection and how a cyclocross bike should be ridden…

Check out their collection at morvelo.com.


Gillis - 11/26/11 - 1:06pm

omg, that is the most obnoxious color commentary ever. I recommend muting the Danny Hart vid if you choose to watch it. Whatever happened to Peter Graves?

LarsV - 11/26/11 - 1:29pm

The comments are awesome. I hear pure love for the sport :-)

b*tcH - 11/26/11 - 7:55pm

What the hell!!!!!!!!!! SICK!!!!!!!

bikemonger - 11/27/11 - 12:16am

Best commentary ever! Worth listening to with your eyes closed.

Chris - 11/27/11 - 3:57am

Commentary is great. Just comedy gold. Love it when it comes on in a past Velobeats podcast.

fg4 - 11/27/11 - 11:11am

Best commentary ever. You could post this every week for the next six months and I would watch it every week…what a ride!

sasquatch - 11/27/11 - 4:30pm

“How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?” by far the best commentary I have ever heard. I’m with fg4 on this one. That was a sick run.

John - 11/27/11 - 6:50pm

Gillis – Get a life, that commentary is amazing!!! It makes Danny’s run that much more incredible to watch!

The Dude - 11/28/11 - 1:50pm


scott - 12/01/11 - 12:12pm

“How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?”

When I laughed out loud while ‘workin’ in the office, I got some looks!!! Absolutely brilliant riding, and even more brilliant commentary – this one’s goin’ on my ‘best’ list.

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