Video: Campagnolo’s Engineer Discusses EPS Electronic Shifting System

Our friends over at sent along this video of Campagnolo’s head engineer Flavio Cracco discussing the technology of their new EPS electronic shifting system. The vid is a bit long (14:17), but if you want the scoop directly from the source, this is it.


Tom Daily - 11/22/11 - 9:18am

The rear cable sticks out when on the 26t. Is that right?

Larsv - 11/22/11 - 1:11pm

Buwoooondzjoooornoooo :-)

wv cycling - 11/23/11 - 9:04am

The on the fly adjustment is pretty badass… I have to admit.

Matt - 11/23/11 - 1:11pm

I’m surprised it’s not smoother or quicker which makes it even harder for me to see what the point is, that’s a lot of money and a bit more weight for no advantage.
I can adjust my gears on the fly too, no buttons, no pink lights, just a quick twist of the barrel adjuster.

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