What’s Beer Spelled Backwards? REEB Cycles, From Oskar Blues Brewing

oskar blues brewery launches reeb cycles bicycle brand with belt drive mountain bike

Oskar Blues Brewery, perhaps most famous for Dale’s Pale Ale beer, is taking their love of cycling to the next level. The Coloradoan is reporting they’ve launched Reeb Cycles. As in “beer” spelled backwards. Their first offering is this belt drive mountain bike, designed to keep things simple while still being able to tackle the local terrain around their Lyons, Colorado, business. The 20-bike first run has already sold out, but a second batch will be brewed up before the end of the year. More here.


dgaddis - 11/09/11 - 3:58pm

Built by Spot?

Sevo - 11/09/11 - 8:08pm

Spot isn’t even tehcnically made by Spot….but that said they have 2-3 amazing contract welders who are also custom framebuilders as well.

I’ve seen these in person. Not bad. Well built. But always have to question, do we really need another steel 29er that’s like everything else? Or another 29er? Or Singlespeed? Run of 20 is small. Many can sell 20 to friends. They’ll need to do something more than spell beer backwards to really go farther than a hobby. Which I’d like to see them do hence the criticism on that front.

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