Velocity Moving Alloy Rim Production to USA

velocity rims to be made in jacksonville florida making them the only alloy bicycle rims made in americaVelocity is moving 100% of their alloy rim manufacturing to Jacksonville, Florida, starting in February 2012.

Via a press release on their website, the move should make them the only alloy rims made in America. Full PR follows:

Brothers and partners, Tom and John Black will begin manufacturing rims in Jacksonville, Florida in February 2012. Currently, all Velocity rims are made in Australia, and production will cease in Brisbane by the end of November.

Tom Black, the founder of Velocity, will be relocating from Australia to Florida where he will continue to oversee rim production at Velocity’s new manufacturing factory. Velocity’s distribution center will continue to operate out of Grand Rapids, Michigan as it has since 1992 and become their worldwide headquarters; with the Australian facility remaining as a distribution center for the Asian and Australian markets.

Velocity will be the only U.S. produced aluminum rim in the cycling industry. John Black, president of Velocity Worldwide, Inc., anticipates this to further propel the company as a leader in quality, ingenuity and customization customers have come to love and expect from Velocity.

Thanks to Dan for the tip!


Zombinate - 11/09/11 - 8:47am

This is good news! Though I do find it odd that they felt the need to move ALL production here. seems like with an already set up manufacturing base in Australia, that they would market split. Using the AUS facility to manufacture for the Asian, African, and Pacific Market, and the US for Europe and the Americas (or something like that).

Chip - 11/09/11 - 9:23am

Good news!

wv cycling - 11/09/11 - 9:30am

Hmmm wonder if they are going to be bought out / sold ? Will prices go up? What are the motives?

buykerboy - 11/09/11 - 9:48am

Don’t forget about the quantity of fine aluminum alloy hoops still made in Whitewater Wisconsin by Trek Bicycles….Fine workmanship.

ShopMechanic - 11/09/11 - 10:41am

Right on! I think there might be some Velocity rims in my future.

Mr. P - 11/09/11 - 10:55am

Nice! Velocity just made my shortlist!


Kovas - 11/09/11 - 11:40am

Yeeeaah, suck on that Cannondale… …Why not get in line with Velocity and move production Back to the USofA! USA! USA! USA!

Tom - 11/09/11 - 12:38pm

Love Velocity, amazing to hear this news instead of the normal news of some company moving production to PRC or Taiwan

phlat albert - 11/09/11 - 1:22pm

have always had good luck with their hoops. Hope it works out and other smaller brands may follow slowly their way back on homesoil.

Speedy - 11/09/11 - 3:33pm

I love my A23’s and can’t wait for my next set to say made in the USA on them. Nice move Velocity.

Gillis - 11/09/11 - 3:39pm

Keep in mind that this isn’t like a Chinese factory closing down. It means a bunch of Australians are losing their jobs too.

dimples - 11/09/11 - 6:13pm

^ Yeah, ’cause people in China don’t need jobs either right? Ass.

Robin - 11/09/11 - 6:41pm

How many Aussies are losing their jobs? Frankly, the one Aussie made A23 I have is a fine rim. I fail to see how one being made here is any better than one made in Australia.

Gillis - 11/09/11 - 6:54pm

even if its a shitty factory job, they’re a lot easier to find in China right now than many places.

bazookasean - 11/09/11 - 7:18pm

I bet that such a large percentage of their sales where in the US that it was more cost effective in the long haul make them here that to ship them here. Also that make them more apealing to US customers being made here. I would be suprised if it was cheaper tax wise to make operate in the US. I for one am looking forward to lacing up an American-made rim in the future.

Norm - 11/10/11 - 9:18am

The US-produced rims in the industry? Doesn’t Hed manufacture their aluminum rims here in the states?

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