Forever Bicycles Art Sculpture Uses 1,200 Bikes

Ai Weiwei forever bicycle sculpture with 1200 Chinese bikes

Shanghai Forever Co’s bicycles have been the medium for artist Ai Weiwei’s sculptures before, but not at this scale. This 1,200 bike montage was commissioned as the central display for his ‘Absent’ exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, uses 1200 Forever bicycles. Via BikeBiz.


Robin - 11/03/11 - 11:55am

That’s a damned find photo.

ti - 11/03/11 - 1:25pm


uglyyeti - 11/03/11 - 1:43pm

I wouldn’t want to have to dust that.

Topmounter - 11/03/11 - 1:48pm

RIP 1,200 Bicycles

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