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Project 1.1: Vredestein’s Spotted Cat and Black Panther Xtreme 29er tires

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At both Eurobike and Interbike this fall, Vredestein’s new line of 29er tires caught both Tyer’s and my eyes.  Available in tubed, tubeless ready, and tubeless casings, the Dutch tires are now being distributed in the US by Move Sport– and we’ve just had a few come in for test.

While I was looking the other direction, $70- exactly what Vredestein and Move Sport are asking for these- became a very reasonable price for premium tires.  With triple-compound rubber, what Vredestein call “Integrated Protection” baked into the tread compound, and competitively light weights, the Spotted Cat, Black Panther, and Black Panther Xtreme all qualify.  Click through for my initial impressions of Vredestein’s fastest and knobbiest tires…