Zen Bicycle Fabrication bring OEM framebuilding to Portland

After a number of years running Ellsworth’s Vancouver, WA frame production site, David Woronets, along with his wife and partner Jen, have bought the operation and are in the process of moving it to Portland, OR.  With Ellsworth’s blessing (and better still as their first customer), the newly-formed Zen Bicycle Fabrication will be offering OEM frame manufacturing starting next month.

With a starting capacity of 300 frames per month, Zen is targeting orders of 50-150 frames at a go.  With shipping costs and currency fluctuations eroding Asian-built frames’ cost advantage on small production runs, the Woronets foresee the demand needed to keep their nine-person team busy.  The lease is signed and the move in progress- keep an eye on zenbicyclefabrication.com for more information.


Maxi - 11/01/11 - 10:21am

For their sake, I hope they’ll have the capabilities to manufacture Carbon Fiber frames. That’s where the money is.

Steve M - 11/01/11 - 11:33am


For their sake, I hope you are dead wrong.

fg4 - 11/01/11 - 1:24pm

Way to go David!

@ Steve M-
I second that. NO CARBON PLEASE! and…because I know these guys (and because I know they are welders….and welders hate carbon…) it is safe to say there will be no carbon involved.

Cary - 11/01/11 - 3:11pm

hey maxi, did carbon make you faster, did carbon cost you less, did carbon add lifespan to your frame, keep buying carbon and that is where your money will go, sooner then later. carbon is for racers that need every advantage possible and dont care where the money goes or where it came from either!…i love passing carbon boys on descents because they are afraid to crash thier bikes, lame

Steve M - 11/01/11 - 3:56pm

Aluminum is good. You ever see beer in a carbon fiber can?

Robin - 11/02/11 - 6:21am

I don’t care so much about where bikes are made, but I am up for seeing more variety in materials and styles. Hopefully Zen will add to the variety. The convergence of the industry on carbon fiber isn’t terribly interesting all the time.

Cary - 11/02/11 - 2:59pm

ROBIN…you dont care where bikes are made, my god, let me read you a little story……. joe is standing there in his korean made jeans, looking out the garage at his import car while cleaning his specialized, wondering why he lost his job!

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