Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits and Pieces

  • The musical bicycle in the video above took a simple $90 bicycle and converted it to play LP’s on the wheels as you ride. Called ‘Feats per Minute” (fiets is Dutch for Bicycle), the project comes from Dutch designers¬†Merel Slootheer, Pieter Frank de Jong and Liat Azulay and pumps the sound through a megaphone-style amplifier made of plumbing parts.
  • is a new site that helps you figure out what your options are and find a good trailer for your bike.
  • Call for photos for our sister site, Triathlon Rumor. If you have a photo you’d like to share that is Triathlon-related (training or racing) please email it here – along with a sentence or two about what inspires you to get out and train everyday.


Nate - 10/27/11 - 11:35am

I cant believe Im the first one to say anything, but isint it thursday? BTW guys, Ive been reading the site daily for about 4mo now and Im a big fan. Keep it up!

Anthony - 10/27/11 - 11:48am

Is it friday already? Don’t give up on news yet!

Tyler (Editor) - 10/27/11 - 12:02pm

Before anyone says it, yes, we scheduled this a day early. Ooops.

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