Bottom Bracket Sizes and Compatibility Chart Just For Fun

Bottom Bracket Crankset Compatibility Chart for BB30 Pressfit BB386EVO and Shimano

Glory Cycles just posted this along with some photos of various bottom bracket sizes on frames from several manufacturers (shown after the break), and we thought it was worth sharing. It shows which common crankset spindle diameters and bottom brackets work with which standards either directly or with adapters.

Shown here from front to back are: 70mm Italian Threaded Pinarello, BB30 BMC and Look BB65 (which works with their ipack system that use a one-piece crankset with a ~50mm carbon fiber spindle and 65mm outside diameter bearing…it doesn’t refer to the BB width like most of the standards’ names).


Joshua Murdock - 10/21/11 - 10:23am


dongdong - 10/21/11 - 11:02am

i think its from rotor crank

Todd - 10/21/11 - 11:37am

Use your BikeRumor powers to summon a high-res of this, so I can print it and hang it in my shrine to 2 wheels (the garage).

Fin - 10/21/11 - 12:04pm

Surely you can use Zipp or Rotor BB to run BB30 in standard (BSA 68mm) BB frames?
can we get an update of the chart please!

Summit - 10/21/11 - 4:12pm

I agree to Todd post. Make it big & clear = useful.

alloycowboy - 10/21/11 - 4:49pm

This chart was produced by Rotor.

Check out the video!

Slow Joe Crow - 10/21/11 - 4:52pm

The chart appears to come from FSA since I found a link to a simplified version here You could try writing their tech support to get the big version with part numbers.

alloycowboy - 10/21/11 - 4:57pm

BTW the chart is called “Rotor Standard Deviation Botom Bracket Collection”

Here is the Mountain Bike Chart:

Here is the Road Chart:

Cam - 10/22/11 - 2:10am

@ Fin – “True” BB30 cranks are designed for the outside width of the BB to be similar to that of a standard threaded shell thus giving you either increased heel clearance or lower q factor compared to outboard BB cranks, this means they have a shorter spindle than that of Zipp or Rotor so won’t work with their outboard BB’s.

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