Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Occupy Boston…On Two Wheels

bikerumor pic of the day occupy boston on two wheels.

Photo submitted by Greg Affsa, “You guys posted one of Huntington Beach the other day. Ironically, my best friend took this pic on the same day that  pic was posted. He’s from HB.” Photo credit: Anthony Violanto.

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rmccaskill - 10/19/11 - 9:03am

To top off the irony, I’m pretty sure that photo is taken on Huntington Ave in Boston!

professorVelo - 10/19/11 - 11:22am

well… technically speaking, it’s coincidental, not ironic.

TMCCLUNG - 10/19/11 - 12:54pm

Does that bike even brakes or lights?

Gillis - 10/19/11 - 6:41pm

@Tmcclung: No on both counts, but he does have a U-lock in his back pocket and a carabiner for his keys.

Mark W. - 10/19/11 - 8:25pm

bike doesn’t look old and sh@tty enough to be a good fixie

29singlespeed - 10/21/11 - 10:35am

Another analysis of the pictures shows that part of a surf board rack is still attached to the bike.

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