Kona Debuts “House of The Big Wheel” Video Series

Laying claim to a 13 bike deep collection of 29ers for 2012, Kona is putting out a few vids showcasing two models at a time. First up, the Japanese inspired (names at least) 130mm Honzo chromoly hardtail and Satori full suspension trail bikes.


Steve - 10/14/11 - 11:39am

Flickable 29rs=death of 26r

Michael - 10/14/11 - 2:08pm

A 16.3 inch chainstay on a 29er is ridiculous. That’s shorter that a lot of 26 inch hardtails.

Chipollini - 10/14/11 - 2:42pm

I want to ride there! So pretty! Love that berm section in the woods.. drool.. I won’t show this vid to my El Mariachi or my Dragon Race, they might ride away from me… find someone who can give em some more love.

phlat albert - 10/17/11 - 12:04pm

your definition of flickable is WEAK. 29..its the business end of a mullet.

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